Anubi Ran Ep7



Anubis Ran Ep7 OFFICIAL UP DATE August 31, 2019 Exactly 8pm ????Server info ????Max Level: 175 ????Skill Level: 157 ????No Max RV Card ????Classic 4 Class ????Hunt Base Server ????Low Rate ????Classic Party Leveling system! ????Classic Quest System! ????Unique Classic Gameplay ????Open map (Level Requiredments) ????War Events ????Guild War ????Tyranny Wars ????School Wars ????Royal Rumble ????PKT ????Special Events ????Piso Event ????Find the GM ????PKT Event ????Q 8 A Event ????Suryun Event ????Automated slot event ????Special Featureus ????GT TO VP CONVERTION ????EP TO VP CONVERTION ????WEBSITE REGISTRATION ????HACK SHIELD PROTECTED ????ACTIVE ADMIN/GM (24/7)

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