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ChibiRAN Classic Extreme
5 Class Official Classic Server - Well Balanced Leveling - Hunt Based Server - 210/167 Configuration - Experienced Administrators - Professional Developers - Guaranteed Longterm
GYX Heaven Server
6 Class Full Gunner Edition - Custom Costumes - Fast Leveling Server - Bakbakan Agad - Hunt Based - Balance Gameplay - 230 Max Level 207 Max Skill Official Type - Official Tyranny - Capture the Flag - Club DeathMatch System - Maps Renewal - Extra Activity and Contribution Points System - Guaranteed ...
GYX Almighty Server - the Original
10 Years of Service :: Most Trusted Team :: Reliable Server Management :: CW / SW / Tyranny / Item Crafting :: Episode 7 Modded GamePlay :: Join US!! Be One of US!
?????Special Server Features ?Key mobs activated (auto lure) ?Dungeon type maps RCB1 & 51f ?Gold web market ?Anti Cheat Gameguard ?Activity quest system ?Activity & Contribution Official Shop ????? Server Info ?Lvl 230 Max ?Lvl 7~207 Skill ?Official pull, push, anti-pots and silence Effect ?6 Offi...
Ran Online
Kalasag RAN Classic EP4
Kalasag RAN Classic EP4 - Max Level: 175 Last Skill: 157 Unlocked Maps (Level Required Only) : Combo Base , Sync Base : No Premium , Perfect Refines : 100 % Balance Gameplay, Official Facebook Page:
Ran Online
Ranpak Episode 9 NO DONATION
99% NO DONATION Episode 9 7 Class Max level 260 (no reborn) Pure Hunt Base Server NO Spoon Feed Character Set Upon Creation ( +7 Set +7 Weapon ) Cap Reward Lvl 260 ( +11 Set +11 Weapon +11 Accessories ) » Pure Hunt Base Server NON-DONOR VS DONATOR 100% POSIBLE Regen / Combo Based » Level 1-260 (no...
Episode 9 Ran Online
Ran Pinas
Ran Pinas EP4 Max level: 175 Last Skill: 157 Classic Party Leveling system Pots based Hunt based Classic 4 Class Shaman Class Archer Class Brawler Class Swordsman Class Most updated anti cheat Official Page:
Rising Ran Online EP9
Rising Ran Episode 9 SERVER FEATURES: 7 Balanced Class Max level: 250 Last Skill: 237 Open all skills Combo Based Gameplay Active Admin/Staffs Fast Levelling System Pure Regen Based Pure Combo Based Pure Hunt Based No pots No reborn No bias Active Market Boss Hunt Active Legit and Humble Admin Activ...
Episode 9 Ran Online
Anubi Ran Ep7
Anubis Ran Ep7 OFFICIAL UP DATE August 31, 2019 Exactly 8pm ????Server info ????Max Level: 175 ????Skill Level: 157 ????No Max RV Card ????Classic 4 Class ????Hunt Base Server ????Low Rate ????Classic Party Leveling system! ????Classic Quest System! ????Unique Classic Gameplay ????Open map (Level...
Episode 7 Classic
God Strength RAN EP10
Max Level 500,Unlocked skills upon creation,15 Reborn,Combo Based,Regen Based,Hunt Your Own Equipments,Crafting System,Well Manage Server 24/7,Active and friendly staffs,Long term service,HackShield Protected,Balance Gameplay/Stats/Damage,Skill 7-307 Skills,4 Original Class
Ran Online
Ran Online Episode 9
7 Class (Old Extreme Skills) - Old Ran PH 2015 Skill Effects - Max Lv/Skl. 260/237 - Balanced Gameplay - Hunt Based Server - Tyranny, School Wars & Royal Rumble - Contribution Points System - Compound System - NO PAY TO WIN!
Episode 9 Ran Online
Ran Online Philippines The Beginning
[Ran Online PH 2006 Gameplay] [150 Max Level] [127 Max Skill] [4 Class Server] [Low Exp/Drop/Gold Rate] [Quest Based] [Pure/Hunt Based] [Party Leveling] [Play to Win Server] [High Security System] [Powered by Gerber Security]
Z4pnuran Online
Is your guild ready? Are you equipped for battle? Do you want to experience the nostalgia of playing the game you grew up with? You can now relive the joy here in zapnu ran online Call your mates and ready your guild The number 1 ran server is coming your way
Episode 7 Classic
915 - DDM
FLAG WAR[NEWEVENT] / NON STOP ACTION[VIP REWARD] / 8 Class / Tyranny[VIP Rewards] / Royal Rumble Event / MaxUpgrade Plus 18 / 1 to 17 no Vanish / All Skill Free / Active GM Events or Support / 2 Ch / 24/7 Online / LastManStanding / All items are drop by mobs / BalanceGamePlay / EP9 Srv /
Global RAN EPX
- RAN GS Style - Freebies upon creation - 260 Max level - 7 to 237 Skill - Tyranny Wars - Royal rumble - Hunt your own item - Craft your own item - Faultless, Fierce, Horus Items - Fixed bugs - Huntable reform, sealed and double sealed card
Discord RAN Episode 10
EP10 - RAN GS Style - Hunt & Craft System - 260 Max level - 237 Max Skill - 8 Class including Magician - Exciting PVP Wars!
Ran Online
[NEW] SL Ran Classic - 4Class
[Sept 12 2019 3:00PM] Pure Classic Gameplay,4Class Sync Gaming,Max level 210,Last Skills 167,Party Boss Hunt,Pots Based,Hunt Based,Quest Skill. Sphere Shop 1-11, Map Level Req.,Hackshield and GameGuard Protected,Come in Join with us!
Episode 7 Ran Online
InteLBR 2
24/7 Dedicated Server - with Anti-Cheat System - 5 Class No Extreme Assassin - Design For Team Play - Regen Base - Hunt Base - 100% Balance Damage No Over Power - Unlocked Skill Upon Creation - More than 1000+ Items Available To Hunt - PVP Event - Royal Rumble - Tyranny - School War - Donator vs Non...
Divine RAN
? 6 Balanced Class with Gunner Summon ? Official Skill 7 to 207 ? Official Quest System ? Official Map ? 2013 Ran Online Gameplay Game Information ? Max Level ( 230 ) ? Max Skill ( 207 ) ? Old Extreme Skills ? Astral Weapon ( Last Weapon ) ? Celestial Set ( Last Set ) ? Dungeon System Official Gro...
Episode 7 Ran Online
Vanguard Ran Online
Welcome to Vanguard Ran Online EPX Classic ?FREE TO PLAY! ?Low Rate Server ( Party Leveling Gameplay ) ?8 Balanced Classes ?Max Level : 260 ?Max Skill : 237 ( Skill Renewal ) ?Hunt Based Play to Win ?Party Boss Hunt ?Official Skill Effect ?Official Ran Interface ?Auto Pilot (F5) ?Desolate Last Set ...
Ran Online
Archive Ran Online
Archive Ran Online Episode 10 - 9 Class with very unique skills 247 to 297 (Modified by : Sho) - Max Level 300 - Max Upgrade +15 - No Reborn - Semi Attack Speed Gameplay - Semi Regen - Hunt Based - No Max RV - Auto Pilot - Auto Follow - High Rate : Exp - Medium Rate : Gold - Medium Rate : Items
High Rate Ran Online
En Yeshaa BabyRan Online
En Yeshaa BabyRan Online 6 Class Max Character , Free Full Donate Through Rewards, Reborn Reward Functions 250K Epoints Every Create Users, Epoints Reward in Every Reborn Stage, Hunt System, Hunt Scrolls/Skills, Anti Cheat Protected, Max Reborn 150, Max Lvl 350, Combo, Regen Gameplay, Combine Stats...
High Rate Ran Online
Nyx-Ran Classic BabyranBossran gameplay
Babyran,Bossran gameplay
Ran Online
EZRA Ran Online
This server is a classic episode 7 gameplay which feature classes Brawler, Archer, Swordsman, and Shaman. A Max Level of 195, Dynamic and Enhanced set C, last weapon is Purplish Weapons and 7 up to 157 skills. A dedicated, long term, and secured server with active Admin and GM Staff to cater your qu...
Episode 7 Classic
Rebellion Ran Episode 9
Welcome to Rebellion Ran Episode 9 260 Max level 237 Max Skill Unlocked All Skills No Donate Items Just Pure Hunting Were 1year Old Server High Rate Server
Episode 9 Ran Online
Reflection Ran Online
High Rate Ran Online
Burst Ran Online EP9
????SERVER INFO • 7-237 skills • 260 Max level • Midrate server • Longterm server • Hunt Base System (100%) • DDOS/Anti Cheat Protected ????6 CLASS ??Swordsman ??Brawler ??Archer ??Shamman ??Extreme (Not Reboot) ??Gunner (With Summon) ????ITEMS ?? Celestial Set ?? Astral Weapon ...
Episode 9 Ran Online
Juno Ran Classic Taiwan Skill
Server Features / Max Level 210 / Skills up to 187 ( Taiwan Skill Gameplay )/ Midrate Server /Marketable Items / 4 Balanced Class (No OP Class) / All Class Can Dominate / Farm Based Items / School Wars / Tyranny / Unique gameplay /Secured and Well Managed / In Game Register / In Game Item Mall / AF...
Episode 7 Ran Online
Stark Ran Classic Ep7
6 Class Official Classic Server - Pots Based Server - Hunt Based Server - 230-207 Level/Skill - Experienced Administrators - Professional Developers - Guaranteed Longterm
Ran Online
Welcome to RAN PREDATOR EP7! No Donate Server! Farm Base & Hunt Base Server! Come! Trust us! Join us!
ePamRaN 2018 Classic
- Welcome to ePamRaN 2018 Classic Sever.. Its a Newly created Server only Up this past January 2018 and have Freindly Gm... so come and join us GAME FEATURES 4 Class No over power Class and Item Skill base on Ran PH ep7 Level Cap 210 Upto 167 Skill Quest Based System for skill Hunt Item Mode and Cr...
Phindo Gaming Ran Online
? Long term service ? Mid rate EXP and drop ? Server Secured Server Rate: ? Exp: x20 ? Item : x10 ? Money: x10 IN GAME FUNCTION: ? Auto Pilot ? Item link enabled ? Preview Item ? View Players Info ? Official Interface ? Additional Character Info ? 8 class (Archer, Brawler, Swordsman, Shaman, Extrem...
Invincible Ran Online
\"Invincible Ran Online\" • Low Rate Gameplay • Exp: Low Rate • Drop: Low Rate • 4 Classes • Max Level: 210 • Skill Level: 167 • Party Leveling • Quest Based • Tyranny Wars Everyday • Club Wars Every Saturday • Club Death MatchEvery Sunday • Stable Server • Easy Top-u...
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Oceanic Ran Online Ep9
7 Class Ep9 Ran Online
Global Ran Classic ep7 4 class system
XCLUSIVE Ran Online EP11
OmicRAN Online
4 Class Classic Server - Balanced Sync Based Gameplay - Hunt Based Server - 210 Max Level / 167 Max Skill - Well Managed Server - Donator vs Non-Donator - EP7 Official Interface
Episode 7 Classic Ran Online
Phantom RAN Classic
For Desktop PC / Laptop Only Welcome to Phantom RAN Classic Server Features ?210 Max Level ?167 Last Skill ?Max Upgrade + 10 ?4 Class ?Latest Tower Wars ?Club Wars(MWFSunday)(8-9pm) ?Auto Suryun Event ?No bias gaming ?No Max RV Card ?No Donate Set/stats ?No Hidden RV ?Classic Interface ?View Char I...
Episode 7 Classic
Neutral Gaming Networks
[NEW DEDICATED SERVER] ? Extreme Edition ? 7-297 Mixed Skills ? School Wars [Automatic Insert Reward] ? Royal Rumble [Automatic Insert Reward] ? Suryun Event Everyday [Automatic] ? Hardcore Reborn Server ? Unique Gameplay 3 Schools in 1 Campus ? Club Wars ? Classic Features ? Right Click Function ? ...
Matrixz Ran
Vote every 12 Hrs enjoy!
Matrixz Ran 2
Vote every 12 hrs! Enjoy leveling!
Matrixz Ran 3
Vote every 12 hrs! Enjoy leveling!
Social Ran Online
Ep4 mix Ep9 5 Class Server Brawler Swordsman Archer Shaman Extreme 20% Gold Drops 5% Game Exp 15% Item Drops Direct Connection Server Max Level 300 Max Stats 24,000 No Reborn In Game Items Max Upgrade +15 Donate Items Max Upgrade +60 Edited Skills + Official Skills 2 Seconds Skill CD Daily Log...
Ran Pinoy EP7 Mix EP3
Newbie Friendly 7 Class Ep7 Mix Ep3 Server, Combo/Regen/Hunt Based Server! Fast Newly Up Services. 24/7 Active and Friendly Staff! Come and Join Us now!
Club Wars Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 7:00pm - 8:00pm School Wars Everyday 1:00am/pm, 4:00am/pm 7:00am/pm, 10:00am/pm School Wars Bonus 5 CLASS SERVER 210 MAX LEVEL 167 LAST SKILL +10 MAXIMUM UPGRADE 10RV MAX FOR WEAPONS 20RV MAX FOR ARMORS 10X EXP / 2X ITEM / 1X GOLD SW ENABLED CW ENABLED...
Ran Pinoy EP7 Mix EP3 Old School Revive
Newbie Friendly 7 Class Ep7 Mix Ep3 Server, Combo/Regen/Hunt Based Server! Fast Newly Up Services. 24/7 Active and Friendly Staff! Come and Join Us now!
Ran Pinoy EP7 Mix EP3 Reborn
Newbie Friendly 7 Class Ep7 Mix Ep3 Server, Combo/Regen/Hunt Based Server! Fast Newly Up Services. 24/7 Active and Friendly Staff! Come and Join Us now!