TalonRO is a highly customized server which offers an completely different experience compared to most other RO servers. The fast paced gameplay on TalonRO is thanks to custom cards and weapons. Almost all of our MVP cards are customized to give a different edge to the gameplay.Now you might wonder quotBut MVP cards are only obtainable from MVP039s so how can everyone get themquot Well there are many ways. The most important being minigames, TalonRO has an unique reward system where you earn reward points from playing various minigames. These points can then be exchanged to Talon Coins which may be used to purchase various things such as in game items, /name change or a rollbackWhile MVP gears play a big role in the gameplay of TalonRO we also realize that not everyone can get them fast. So there is also a quotVanillaquot mode available. This basically restricts the usage of most custom items thus giving new players a fair chance even against old veterans who may be decked out with good gear.Overall TalonRO is a server which will offer something to everyone. Whether you like fast paced action with lots of damage or a slower traditional RO TalonRO will be everything you want it to be.Server Official Features:- eAthena Platform. Episode 13.3 - El Dicastes- Dynamic 5x/5x/3x Rates, which are affected by our Reward System (can go up to 8x/8x/3x)- Max Level: 99/70 - Max Stats: 99- Dewata- Brasilis, including official quests- Manuk, Splendide amp El Dicastes, including all fields, monsters and MVPs- Nidhoggur039s Nest- Most official headgears on any private server (900+)- Quest Log- Battlegrounds- Sealed Shrine- Endless Tower- Orc Instance- Poring War- Regular WoE, WoE 2.0, Vanilla WoE- New Pet Stat System- MercenariesServer Custom Features:- Unique Reward System, allowing anyone to get a hold on Reward Items- 90+ custom hairstyles- Account-bound quests: Rachel Sanctuary, Nameless Island, Moscovia and Kiel- Game Master Challenge- Jewelcrafting- Custom Hidden Enchants- Poring Catch- Poring Rally- Haunted House- Chess- Monster Arena- Monster of the Week- Minigame of the Week- Map of the Week- Orphanage- Resting System- Unique Mining System- Partying Bonuses- TalonRO Lottery- Many custom quests, dyes and pets- Same- marriage- Level-dependent Stat amp Skill Reset and Healer, Job Changer, etc.- Custom Super Quest- Unique Control Panel with Support Ticket System, various statistics, etc.- Regular Updates

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