Generation Ragnarok Online


Server Rates: 50000x Base Experience 50000x Job Experience 1000x Drop Rates 10% Normal Cards 5% MVP Cards 0.50% Kiel 0.10% GTB 1.00% FBH 0.50% Thanatos Card 0.10% Lhz Modified Rare Cards SOON to Release Server Information: NON-Donor Friendly Server. PK Server (w/ @pk & @viewpk Commands) Episode: 13.2 'Into the Unknown' Pre-Renewal Server, Transcended Class Max Level: 255 (Base), 100 (Job) Max Stats: 255 Max ASPD: 196 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Server Timezone: +8 GMT Main Language: English Max Guild Member: 56/56 Max Members Cap in WoE: 24/24 Guild Alliance Disabled in WoE/KoE Max Character per Account: 15 Server Features: More Efficient donate items All-in-One Job Support (Starwars and Starglad Class not Included) Unique Reward System: Hourly, Daily and others. Token Quests, Break The Seal and All-in-One Quests WoE and KoE Point's system that can be use to buy Exclusive items. Job Costume System and many more, plus basic DarkRO features. Up to date Character Creation interface. MOBILE(ANDRO) SUPPORT SOON Host & Security: Multi-clients: Enabled Adelay System (Anti-Speedhack/Nodelay) Gepard Shield 3.0 Server Location: Los Angeles

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