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• Cygnal Ragnarok Online • • Fresh Server • Long Term Server • • GePard Shield Protected and Advanced DDOS Protection • • Ready PvP / WoE Freebies • • Decent enough to go hunting or pvp • FacebookPage: FacebookGroup: Website: Register: Downloadables: • Server Information • :like: PK Field Server :like: Farm Quest Server :like: Economic Server :like: 24/7 Uptime Auto BackUp Server :like: Frost Server :like: Delay ?. No Need Reduce Casting Item :like: 100% Balanced Equipments. :like: Rate: High Rate Trans Class :like: Job Class: Transcendent Job :like: Max Lvl: 255/120 :like: Exp Rate: 10k/10k • Drop Rates • :like: Drop Rate: 10000x :like: Card Drop Rate: 40% :like: Mini Boss Card Drop Rate: 20% :like: MVP Card Drop Rate: 10% :like: Thanatos/FBH/Gloom: 1% • Usable And Basic NPC's • :like: Freebies NPC :like: Healer :like: Auto JobChange [Once Per Account] :like: Job Changer :like: Insane PvP Chamber :like: Intense WoE [25 Max Cap Member's] :like: Intense Automated KoE [ King Of Emperium ] :like: Reseter,Rental,Platinum Skiller,Gym,Decarder :like: Lottery :like: Break The Seal [ Valkyrie Set & Sliepnir ] :like: MVP Warper & Branch Room :like: Intense Gold Room :like: Quest Shop @quest :like: PvP Room @pvp @pvpdevo :like: Donation Shop @donate • Commands • @go @warp @storage @storeall @gstorage @changegm @guild @refresh @noks @skillall @request @feelreset @homtalk @mi @ii @whereis @whodrops @duel @invite @leave @accept @reject @homfriendly @homlvl @homevolve @alootid @autoloot

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