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Philippine Ragnarok Online - Classic 2002
Play Classic Episode 5.0 JUNO! Available Job Class 2-1 2-2, Max Level 99/50, Rates: 7x/7x/3x! No BOT / No DUAL / No AUTOTRADE! visit our website now!
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Max Level: 99/50 - Rates: 5x5x3x - Max 2nd Jobs - Mechanism: Zero - Fever Fields, Champion Monster, Random Options - Unique instances: Poring Village and more - Stable NA Server - Friendly community and staff - Peaked 800+
Zero Renewal Low Rate
Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online
Status: Under Development - Rates: 6x/6x/6x - MaxLvl: 99/70 - Pre-Renewal - Custom and Unique Features: Bounty Chests, Monster Headgears, Evolving Pets, Shiny System, Hero Quest, Battleground Divisions System and more!
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Liebe Spieler der server ist nun offizial online Hier noch ein paar Infos damit ihr wisst was der server hat, DaisuRO Rates: Base-level 25x/Job-level 25x/Card Rates 1x, Unser map level ist Base level 175 und Job level 75, Wir besitzen das Renewal system auf unseren server, Custom Gears ETC.
Renewal Low Rate
REOPENING 21 March 2020!!Server International, Episode 11.2(Episodes will progress over time),Pre-Renewal, lvl Max: 99/70, Max Stats: 99, M
Pre Renewal Low Rate

RO Private Servers 6-19

Ragnarok Sarah Server
Classic 99/50 Episode: 4 War of Emperium (on going Episode until pre trans) Max Base Level : 99 Max Job Level : 50 Max Stats: 99 Classic Mob Spawn and Drops Classic Skill Mechanics Classic Job Changer Current Available Jobs: ( Knight, Hunter, Assassin, Blacksmith, Wizard and Priest )
Low Rate
Rates: 100x/100x/15x - MaxLevel: 99/70 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - Great GMs and Players - Many Events - WoE/PvP - Only rops - Pre-renewal -
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Ragnarok Sakray Server - Classic
Classic Sakray Server! GepardShield Protected! No Lag! No Bot! No Autotrade, EXP: 5/5/3 WEEKENDS: x7 / Unique Features from ROM!
Pre Renewal Low Rate
1x1x1 Roforever Renewal Unique Quests and customs
Roforever is a brand new Ragnarok online server we have many unique events and customs that you won\'t find such as Ice dungeon and waterfall dungeon, Headless horseman. The server events give out donation shop money. Donations are appreciated but not required to keep server running! Come play today...
Renewal Low Rate
Play Ragnarok Zombie
Play Ragnarok Zombie is a classic Server freezes at EP-5 for the main server - The Server published on April-2019 - Our goal is to reflect the feeling and the experience of the old days of Ragnarok Online - Your characters information and items are protected into a dedicated server on daily basis
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Origin Ragnarok Online
- 1x / 1x / 1x - Brand new Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal private server - Episode 13.2 - Keeping server as close to original as possible - Pre-Renewal in-game mechanics and maps - Transcendent and extended classes - WoE will be available after there are some high level players - Weekly events - Prepar...
Pre Renewal Low Rate
OriginsRO Renewal
175/60 Renewal -Low Rates(20x Base & Job, 70x Drop) -Floating Rates(40x Base & Job every 6hrs) -Card Drop Low Rate -w/ Doram, Soul Reaper, Rebellion and Star Gladiator -Custom NPCs\' -Hourly Rewards(1m zeny, 10m Base EXP, 5m Job Exp) -Zeny to Cash Exchange(1m zeny = 1 cash point) -Costumes and othe...
Renewal Low Rate
Ragnarok is Life
Welcome to Ragnarok is Life Come and Let
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Modified Ragnarok Online
Welcome to Modified Ragnarok Online
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Past Ragnarok Online
We provide every gamer with a balanced, reliable, stable, secured and uncorrupt free-to-play Ragnarok Online Gaming Server! Join us for an experience of a lifetime on a never ending adventure across the world of Midgard! Here at PastRO, we plan to bring players a nostalgic trip back into the world o...
Pre Renewal Low Rate
Fragments Of Yggdrasil
-Hosted in France -Base: Episode 13.2 (Brasilis Modified) -Normal monsters: 15/15/5 with min drop to 0.1% -Battleground eAmod -gepard with @lgp -RP quests all over Midgard -Seasonal events adding new quests/instance -Auto event -A main story to follow -Every custom is available in English a...
Pre Renewal Low Rate
LawlessRO - Casual Arcade Style PVP PK Low Rate Custom Renewal
LawlessRO - Casual/Arcade Style PVP/PK [Low Rate] [Renewal] 17/17/9 www.lawlessro.com This is the server you have been waiting for, play RO like never before! LawlessRO is the premier casual arcade style PVP/PK low-rate server with 99/50 and renewal jobs. Acquire bronze coins by collecting player n...
Renewal Low Rate
European Ragnarok Online
ragnarokonline.net is an Episode 16.2 Ragnarök Online private server based on the Renewal system with rates of 5x/5x/5x and a maximum level of 200/70 with some unique features. iRO like.
Renewal Low Rate