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Ragnaclan 30x30x10
Rates 30/30/10 (Floating) - Max level 99/70 - Episode 13.3 renewal instances (pre-re adjusted) - Opened 01/10 - Donation HGs on BG SHOP - Usa West,France and Brazil Proxy - A lot of custom features
Divination Ragnarok Online
DivinationRO has the most customized content and updates to offer you. Custom Source codes, Scripts, modifications only found in this server. Low Rate Server Max Level: 99 Job Level: 70 Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 193 Rates: 8x/8x/8x Floating Rate: 18x/18x/18x Server Features: Pet Integration System: Ai...
Pre Renewal
Pre Renewal
[10 June 2018 Opening] [99/70] [150x/150x/50x] [gepard anticheat] [ddos protected] [auras] [built-in RCX] [Freebies] [Guildpacks] [Housing] [Hunting Missions] [Regional System] [KoE] [Conquest] [1000 Headgears & Styles] [Quest Zone] [Regular Events]
Pre Renewal