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Location Philippines
Posted By Alnajeer Sulaiman


RF Praxis - Mid Rate Server/All skill GM Active GM, Regular and Random Event Drop List: Elan/BM/OC PB's - HDH Box, GC (Gold Capsule), LGS & Calliana Necklace 3D's - 3D Elems, GC, LGS, CN HQ & Settlement PB's - +100 GC, Unsealer, Talic Crystals John Carter - +3000 GC HAG & Belphegor - LGS, GC, Leons Lvl 50 Thunder Lizard - +100 GC Tyrant Lizard - +100 GC Ether WH Mobs - +100 GC & Gli Calliana Archer and AB - +100 GC Calliana Princess - Calliana necklace, GC & H55 elems Chip & HSK- LGS, PVP potion, PVP weapon, GC, T6 Gems Elan Draco - Talics TC1,2&3 - Halostone pieces Boggie Volt - Blood Booster Ability Box Devistator - Aiming Booster Ability Box Burn Ash, Grumble & Demolite - Praxis armor +3 recipe Server Features: *All relic weapons, BM/OC elems, T4, unsealer, Jet Pack lvl 50 & premium pots available in npc. *T6 gems & 3D elems Available in PVP NPC *PVP weapon lvl 55 repriced to lower *Instant Praxis amor +3 combine recipe *lvl 50 leons can be upgrade to lvl 55 *lvl 45 Relic can be upgrade to lvl55 *Shared Tempo

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