RF Online United



WEEKLY CASH PRIZE!!!!! Level Cap: 55 Experience Rate: x300 PVP READY ITEMS WITH REDEEM CODE! Best Items: Superior armor and PVP weapon Maximum upgrade: +5 HDH Activated with custom rewards: CPT, GP, Jetpack ability boxes, HDH elements, upgrades. Talics are at Sette nadir Money is at Sette turncoats Gold points are at Draco's in BM and in Elan. PB Drops : HQ PB - T3 Elan PB - T4 , HDH elements , Superior armor , Upgraders DDD- DDD elements . T4, HDH Elements , Superion Armor , Upgraders Custom (CW) Controller Chip drops: upgraders, t4, superior armor boxes. Rebirth Activated with great rewards. Please see the website for details on rewards. Vote Shop with usefull items. Daily Rewards for all players activated NO OVERPOWERED DONATION ITEMS.

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