Acharnes X1 Start 1 December, Support All Languages


  • Version server
  • The maximum level is 55
  • Available all cross classes
  • Removed cloned monsters
  • Removed get experience for the quests
  • A fixed amount of status points for every quest - 150
  • Working auction house and mail
  • Work element damage
  • Module accuracy, and evasion
  • Working to protect and sharpening covers
  • The server does not have any generators and runes
  • New register account with premium account for 12 hours
  • In the premium account Get removed, jewelry, armor. [Sword adds 0.30 to run]
  • Allowed to run 2 Windows
  • ZoomHack is enabled in the client
  • Each monster in the title is signed its level
  • Manual Drilling rig: the Minimum level to use is 40
  • Weapons, armor, shields [Type B] - there are no commercially available from vendors
  • Group and Solo Dungeon


  • Rates for pumping PT, animus, skills and magic - x1 (Premium - x2)
  • The number of drop – in materials- x1 (Premium - x2)
  • Speed of ore extraction - x1 (Premium - x2)
  • The rate of selection of LUT - X5
  • The loss of loot does not depend on the level of the loot drops at any level in the same way

Items at character creation:

  • Weapons beginner level 1 [Type - N]
  • Armor beginner level 1 [Type - N] [for each class]
  • Tool for crafting
  • Teleports in HQ 10 pieces
  • Standard potion HP, FP, SP of 99 pieces
  • Mages are issued 4 lighthouse

Game commands are available in white chat:

  • Online - shows current online for all races
  • Chips - shows your current HP chips in Krgovich Mines

Changes in the drop and monsters:

  • The drop from monsters pieces of shavings in small quantity.
  • The drop from monsters Type [A] items up to level 55
  • The drop from monsters items up to level 55
  • The drop from monsters 40+ levels raised the chances of loss of cube inventor
  • In LaGuardia added to drop ore +1, +2
  • From monsters 40+ levels to beat - Elemental swords [40] [Chance - 0.01%]


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