RF Online Mid Rate Private Servers

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RF-FreeWorld No Donation
CAP lvl 80,EXP X1000,DROP rate 2x,Sell Rate x3,CASH coin Regen ,Enable Mail & auction,Disable all rune,All PT GM,Active command Buffme,All Equip drop on PB,NO Donation Cash coin And Vote point Donation All item you can get on game Manual-Upgrades Balanced Mid Rate
|Max lv 70|Exp x99999|Animus x99999|PT,Skill GM|Minning x50|OPEN JOB 3RD|Daily Quest|Item Combine|Regend Cash|NEW costume MAU|Armor Costume|weapon costume|animus costume|siege costume|Active AuctionHouse| |ActiveModule SayBoss|DISABLE DELETE CHARACTER LVL 40 ABOVE|DISABLE DOUBLE RACE IN ONE ACCOUNT Mid Rate High Rate PvP MMORPG Balanced
RF Fallout Deux
New server Unseal quest offLevel cap 55 +6 max upgrade Devcorp enabled exp 1000x lootrate 50x mining 100x animus 9999x Mail off UTS off Join now! Balanced Mid Rate MMORPG
RF Eternity
RF Eternity • Golden Age • 55 Cap • Default Server • Max Upgrade 7 • Upgrade Rate Default • Experience Rate Midrate • No Overpower Donation • DDoS Protected • Server Protection Dev Corp • Server Location Canada
Balanced Mid Rate PvP MMORPG
Unknown RF
x30-35 Rates, Lvl 55 Cap, NO overpowered donations, No lag, No rollback, Max upgrade +5, Active GMs, Events, All skills/pt GM, Shop with vote points, Balanced classes [SERVER COMING ON 16 - August - 2018] PvP Mid Rate Balanced Manual-Upgrades