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Altruism - Rising Force Classic - 60 Cap 8x
60 Cap. This is what Official should have always been. Just the game by itself without upgraders and a good staff to keep balance. 8x Exp 4x the rest. 5x Skill/Force PT, 8x animus. No summer update, ETS, DQ, OP-n, runes. Just the classic game.
MAU XP Manual-Upgrades Low Rate Balanced PvP



RF Online United
Level Cap: 55 Experience Rate: x100 Custom class rewards as you get jobs. Best Items: Superior armor and PVP weapon Maximum upgrade: +5 HDH Activated with custom rewards: CPT, GP, Jetpack ability boxes, HDH elements, upgrades. Farming: Intense Armor and Weapon level 55 - BM at Burn Ash. Talics...
Golden Mystery cap55 friendlyGM Low Rate Balanced PvP MMORPG



RF TRILOGY - Official Site
Low Rate Server, Bash & LDR Active, Auction & Mail Active, Premium & Cash Coin Buy With Race Money, Armor B And Shield B Buy With Talic Crystal, Standart CCR, Force Elite Buy With Race Money Golden Mystery MMORPG Balanced Low Rate Manual-Upgrades