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Altruism - Rising Force Classic - 65 Cap 8x
65 Cap. This is what Official should have always been. Just the game by itself without upgraders and a good staff to keep balance. 8x Exp 4x the rest. 5x Skill/Force PT, 8x animus. No summer update, GVG, ETS, DQ, OP-n, runes. Just the classic game.
MAU XP Manual-Upgrades Low Rate Balanced PvP
RF Arcturus 2232 Grind Server
RF ACTURUS RATE INFORMATION »Version : »Level Cap : 55 »Experience Rate : 6x - Premium 10x »Mining Rate : 3x - Premium 6x »Animus Rate : 15x - Premium 30x »Force : 15x - Premium 30x »Skill/PT : 15x - Premium 30x »Drop Rate : 3x - Premium 6x »Auction : ON Website:arcturus55.com GameC... MMORPG Balanced Low Rate
Max Level Cap: 55, Game Version: RF Online 5 update, Autoloot system [optionally], Mine everywhere in Crage Mine Field, No lag, No rollback, Original game experience No item upgrades donation, only premium and cash shop
Low Rate
RF TRILOGY - Official Site
Low Rate Server, Bash & LDR Active, Auction & Mail Active, Premium & Cash Coin Buy With Race Money, Armor B And Shield B Buy With Talic Crystal, Standart CCR, Force Elite Buy With Race Money Golden Mystery MMORPG Balanced Low Rate Manual-Upgrades
RF Omega
[NEW SERVER] Low-Medium rate 2162 Custom RPG Style looting table, Weapon/armors from mobs, ALL OFF CLASSES BALANCED AND BUFFED Strikers, Maus Mages working as intended No Weapon or Armor donations AT ALL Sign up on our forum join our facebook group [JUNE 11TH 2018 LAUNCH DATE] Low Rate