RF Online Private Servers in Canada

Top 100 RF Online Private Servers ranked by popularity in Canada

RF BlackSmith
Semi-RPG level 50 CAP, x5/x10 EXP, GM PT and Skills ,CCR default items ,Party PVP points sharing, UTS ON, Dev-Corp GameGuard , PREMIUM SERVICE ON
RF Eternity
RF Eternity • Golden Age • 55 Cap • Default Server • Max Upgrade 7 • Upgrade Rate Default • Experience Rate Midrate • No Overpower Donation • DDoS Protected • Server Protection Dev Corp • Server Location Canada
Balanced Mid Rate PvP MMORPG
Unknown RF
x30-35 Rates, Lvl 55 Cap, NO overpowered donations, No lag, No rollback, Max upgrade +5, Active GMs, Events, All skills/pt GM, Shop with vote points, Balanced classes [SERVER COMING ON 16 - August - 2018] PvP Mid Rate Balanced Manual-Upgrades