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Cerberus Portection Max. Level: 66 Exp: 25x – 35x Premium Sell Rate:1.2kk~1.5kk PT/Skill/Force: GM/LV 6 Animus:50x Drops: 5x Mail/Auction: Enable Quest 50: Disable Version: – Golden Age
RF Brasil RPG 20x
• Max Lv 55 - FIXO • Exp/Drop x20 • PT/SKill GM • Cash Regen: ON • MAU XP: ON • Balance & No Over Donation • Quest`s diárias com CASH, torres e traps como prêmio. • NPC vendedor de Excelcior em Sette. • NPC pots PREMIUM por GOLD no QG. • CrossClass ON
Golden Mystery MAU XP LV MAX 55 MMORPG
RF SpecTruM Opned 28 12 2018
*Max lvl 66 Premium 25000x *Drop Rate 15x *Animus 99999x *PT Skill/Force GM *XP in Mau *New Itens Donate lv70 *All Donate Itens in NPC *5000 Gold Point for buy Initial Itens *Master Skill Disable *Quests 50/55 Off *Active Honour Guild *E-mail Disable *Shop in-game Enable *Account Premium Enabled MMORPG
Lv cap 56,Exp 2x, Minning 2x, Drop 3x,Pts buffs,skills, animus 3x, Sell rate 900K, NEW SYSTEM DAILY REWARDS, NEW SYSTEM FOR NEW PLAYERS,NEW MAP SKY FOREST ,NEW BOSS BEREBREU,New mob added in Elan, Sette and Cald: Drop talics
Join us and be the best! Without donation of weapons and armor. Server free to play. No lags Adm and gm online No bugs Lvl max 55 Only skills gm and nothing more
Darkmoon RFO International
PVP/RPG - LVL Cap 51 - EXP 80x - Animus 80x - Auto-Loot System - New UP/Farm Spots - New Daily Quest - NO Exclusive items for Donators - Anti-Hack GameGuard
MAU XP Golden Mystery
Experience rate- 700x Animus rate- 3000x Loot rate- 3x Mining rate- 5x Cash Point / certain points per minute Level Cap: 55 PT Skills: GM Game Version 2-2-3-2 (golden age) 50 / 55 Quest: OFF 24/7 Customer Support BD: OFF All day events.
Experience rate- 8000x Animus rate- 10000x Loot rate- 15x Mining rate- 15x Cash Point - por minuto GAME FEATURES: Level Cap: 66 PT Skills: GM Game Version (golden age) 50 / 55 Quest: OFF UTS and Mail (OFF) Latest Game Shield CJ Protect 24/7 Customer Support Future episode line u...
RF Black Memories
The Best Serve Semi RPG, No OP itens, No edit Itens, Original Server CCR. MMORPG
RF Play
RF PLAY Level Max: 50 Rate XP :5x Drop :10x PT : 20x 1 Cash Por minuto HQ , 2 Cash mapa PVP Game CP - 200 Vote Point Gli, Beam, Rian : 1.8kk Ore +1 +2 +3: T3/Talicas.
Golden Mystery MMORPG
RF Doomsday
Server cerberus protection, Today\'s servers focused on RPG, please our website and see all the necessary information. be sure to participate in this adventure.site: rf-doomsday.com.br
Lv Cap lvl 50 30day lvl 66Player Exp 25X 45XAnimus Exp 50X 100X 50 56 Quest ON Sell Rate 2.0m 99GLI Droop Rate: 10X 18X SKILL PT FORCE 30X 60X MAU XP MEDIUM SERVER Balanced
RF CondictionZero
RF ConditionZero 2.2.4 - Cap 55 - 3 Job in 70 - SEMI-PVP - Easy Quests/Up - 02 Cash/1min Online - NO DONNOR OP - SERVER INTERNATIONAL - NEWS ARMORs/WEAPONs/ITENs/PBs/MAPs - GO TEST THIS!!!
RF Wanted
RF Wanted RATE 50x PT/SKILL/FORCE gm semi PvP server International