In-Game Perfect World


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Location Romania
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Versions 1.5.5
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[b]In-Game Perfect World - [url][/url][/b] [br][br] This is a version 1.4.5 server running on a dedicated server. With a dedicated staff that tries to be close and listen to the players we aim to have a long term server fun and open for everyone.[br] We are a relative new server and we are aiming to a clean server, almost Global Like. Features include:[br] [br] - Website administration for:[br] [br] - Creating Account[br] - View Characters[br] - Change Password[br] - Referral System (in the near future)[br] - Fidelity System (we give free Gold to our online players for the time spent online)[br] - Donations[br] - Vote for Gold System.[br] [br] The gameplay tends to be clean since we don\'t have lot\'s of Custom Gear that sometimes tend to break the balance and give huge advantages to some classes. Since we aim to be close to the official Server you have to do the quests for Cultivation (you have a small shortcut for the hard quests).[br] [br] If you wish to find out more you are free to join us and we hope that you will like our server.

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