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Custom 155+, Improved VIP, HOMESTEAD, Free to Play, Play to Win. Trivia 24-7 Each active player can get their own map home Max level 150 with the MOST custom mounts-pets-flyers-fashion-events-quests and more Come play the ONLY drama-free Play-to Win Quest to Level server with nice friendly community...
1.5.5 Free to play Vote to get Cubi PvE
AbyssWars 156 Elysium [PLAYtoWIN]
[Homestead][G17][New Skills][Play to Win System][No Donation Needed][LOTS Of Freebies][12 Classes][Fast Leveling][High Rates][Max LvL 105][Unique Vote Rewards][Easy Gold in Game][Custom Fashion][NationWar and Sunset Valley with ST Rewards][World Bosses][Awesome Dungeons Setup][Professional Support]
1.5.5 High Rates Free to play PvP PvE
Perfect World Void
v155 Full Elysium Lv:150 - r8 based gears - ULTIMATE SKILLS - HOMESTEAD Housing - HIGH RATE EASY Leveling / farming and gearing - Fast CT/APS - SS / Flyhack included - HUGE CUSTOM CONTENT COLLECTION - Friendly Active staff - come check us out to have a whole new modern flashy custom pw experience
Set your Sights High of the Biggest 1.6.2 DownGrade to Ever come to a Private Server community Built we care about you and not your wallet Active Royal Sky and Chaotic Soul Cultivation Questlines Custom content made for the Players on request no pay to Win custom Titles Weekly 1.6.2 Server comp...
1.5.5 Free to play No donate Vote to get Cubi PvP PvE
Perfect World Dark Wars
Perfect World Dark Wars. ? Servidor version 1.5.5 Elysium ? Low rate: Exp x2. Sp x2. Coins x2. Drop x1, Quest x1. ? Actualizaciones en base al avance de los jugadores. ? El server sube nivel con los jugadores. ? Maze con drop especial de Dark Wars. ? Nuevas quest unicas. ? Server \"No pay to win\" ...
1.5.5 PvP Free to play
[Allegiant Perfect World] - [Elysium Patch] - [155]-[New Nightshade Classes]-[LVL 150 Cap] - [Good Starter Pack] - [PWI Retail R9R3 Gears-Pots-2 Rebirth-s+ Avatar Cards] - [High Rate] - [ Updates- Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers] - [Masive Open World PVP-Territory Wars-Nation Wars]
1.5.5 PvP Vote to get Cubi
Allegiant Highercalling
155 Dedicated Server instant cast/bugcast, 5APS, level 500 and balanced pvp. We have tons of customization not seen anywhere else, toons of fashion and active community. Balanced pvp and friendly gms awaits you.
Epic Wars PW Club
New high rate server with Elysium expansion - Dedicated & mature admin, huge customization, freebies, original settings, trivia/PvP/territory/nationwars/tank events - First players will get something nice, click the link for more info.
1.5.5 High Rates Free to play