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QuestersWorld 153
Drama Free, Play-to Win, Quest to Level, custom server based off of 1.5.3 Eclipse version with all 12 classes! Max level 150 with 2 reAwakenings The biggest selection of custom mounts-pets-flyers-fashion-events-quests and more! Nice friendly community. Live support. Active GM & weekly updates with n...
1.5.3 New Fashion from PWI 1.5.7 Wonderland Free to play Vote to get Cubi PvE
Custom 155+, VIP, HOMESTEAD, Free to Play, Play to Win. Each active player can get their own map home Max level 150 with the MOST custom mounts-pets-flyers-fashion-events-quests and more Come play the ONLY drama-free Play-to Win Quest to Level server with nice friendly community. Live support Active...
1.5.5 Free to play Vote to get Cubi PvE
Perfect World Celestia
Perfect World Celestia - The Newest International 1.3.6 Private Server ! High Rates with 150 Level Cap - Easy to Gear - NO PAY TO WIN - Friendly Community - ACTIVE GM\'s and MANY MORE SURPRISES TO COME ! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY !
Free to play
Knights of Camelot
Come join the new Knights of Camelot! We are a No Drama family oriented Server. 153 version, level cap 150. All 12 classes Server timezone is USA EST EXP and SP rate x10. Play to Win with Friendly live support from our active GM\'s. Lots of Events and fun!
Revolution Perfect World
Active server with active staff. Top level 500, no overpowered donations.

PW Servers 6-19

AbyssWars 154 Eclipse PLAYtoWIN
[New Play to Win system Everything can be gained by normal gameplay][LOTS Of Freebies When Join][12 Classes][Medium Rates][Original Settings][Max LvL 105][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy Gold in Game][Custom Fashion][NationWar & Sunset Valley with Nice ST Rewards][INSTANT SUPPORT]