Perfect World Private Servers in France

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Heroes PW
Fresh New High Rate Server - We invite you to play the best server out there. At the moment until 5 October 2018 we have a super offer for all players that creates new accounts.
Perfect World Charmed
Long term server with stress free gameplay, vote rewards, automated and admin/gm hosted events, the most customization(flyers fashion etc), no donation for gear, play to win system and a good starter pack. Join Today!
Free to play No donate PvP PvE
Perfect World Primeval
1.3.6 Version of PW, Only Original 3 Race 6 Class, Start lvl 100, Full Gear +12, Fast Level, Fast End Game Wep/Armor Farming, [ Insta / bug cast ] [ Max aps ] Newly open May 13, 2019, Fresh TW maps. PVP anytime. No donation needed, play to win environment. Good community, helpful GM\'s / Admin
1.3.6 Free to play No donate PvP max aps insta cast
FrozenFire Perfect World
Serveur français Perfect World [PVE-PVP] - Versions: 1.5.3 Eclipse. Montures, aéronef, fashion, instances, world boss et titres custom. Zone pour exp, évènements fréquent tout les weekend avec staff actif. Rejoignez vous aussi, l\'aventure!