Perfect World Private Servers in Canada

Top 100 Perfect World Private Servers ranked by popularity in Canada

Perfect World Frostburn 2
Totally revamped! High rates [100x], Full PvP, instant lvl 101 and initial r9, R9r3 End Game, Max lvl 105 + 2 reawakenings - PLAY TO GAIN: Vote for Gold + Online Gold + Custom NPC with boutique items through quest and event rewards - Custom Balance - Active GMs and professional development
1.5.3 Free to play Vote to get Cubi PvP
Nexus Perfect World
High rate PvP and PvE server with active GMs and lvl 150 as cap, no Rebirth necessary - Full Horizons Expansion, Nation Wars and daily Events - Custom Gears and all rare battle pets with evolution for Venos