OPEN TODAY 24 DEC - X5000 - S14-15


Dedicated Server : YES Location ::earth_africa: EU,US,ASIA Server Details:scroll: Server Season 14 Ep 1 (We will be UPGRADING to Season 15 SOON) ALL Chars from Level 1 PPL : 5/7 EXP: 5000 X Shops : Yes Spots : Easy Reset Level: 400 Stats burn after reset: NO Maxstats 60000 Grand Reset : 200reset/400Level Grand Reset Reward : 6000 Wcoin + 10k points Exc + Ancient : ON Exc + Socket : ON Exc +380 : ON Exc + JOH : ON  Systems:mag_right: Normal Reset (/reset) Normal Reset on same spot & /reset auto works in Event square ONLY Normal Added System (/addstr /addene /addvit /addagi /addcmd ) Offattack System (/offattack) Reset Stats In Game (/rebuild) !HOT:fire: Post System (/post) Info System (/info <Player Name>) Clear inventory System (/clearinv) Warehouses :moneybag: Warehouse System (/ware <number>) Remote Vault Open (/open <number>) VIP:10 vaults, Normal players: 5 vaults Store and OffStore Systems:convenience_store: Store System (/store <type>) OffStore System (/offstore <type>) Available currencies: Ruud - <ruud> Jewel of Bless - <bless> Jewel of Soul - <soul> Jewel of Chaos - <chaos> Wcoins - <wcoin> Goblin Points - <gp> Jewel of Creation - <creation> Jewel of Harmony - <harmony> Events :partying_face: Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Kalima Kanturu Castle Siege Crywolf Battle Soccer Illusion Temple Cherry Blossom Raklion Event Loren Deep Medusa Imperial Fortness Double Goer Golden Invasion Rabbit Invasion Christmas Invasion Summer Invasion New Year Invasion White Wizard Invasion Acheron Guardian Lord Silvester Core Magriffy Lord of Ferea Nix And more!

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