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Location Romania
Posted By Varteniuc Marius
Versions Season 13 Season 4 Ultimate
Types MuOnline


* Support new player : VIP 10 + 30 m bound diamonds , 1m diamonds,30 m gold and 30 m bound gold * Wings + 20 (manual upgrade or with tears in mall) * NewFashion Wing ,Pet VIP . * Free gift code every week! * Boss appear every 1 minin house of boss, boss drop value items * Train monster drop bound diamonds and diamonds all the map * 1 TALISMAN FULL OPTIONS Vote reward system active!Vote and get G105/106/210/ETC items! - added fashion wings and costume - new items and monster - all event work 100% - cross server update - translate 80% New main quest - DIAS drop in Monster 1 m + 200b dias Wings +20 House Of BOSS ( Event/vip event / house of boss) is a mine of items and DIAS GOLD monster in Swamp of PACE - EXP and DROP normal rate Play For Fun

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