InvokerGamers MU Lemuria


Are you looking for a new server out of the common but who do not lose the classic essence of MU Online? We have people from all over the world even chinese and vietnamese players. Our server posses the original mechanics that Webzen adapted for MU Online Season 6, this is why professional players validates and choose us as their server, where they do ANNUAL PVP TOURNAMENTS WITH 30.000USD PRIZE TO THE CHAMPION! And others official tournaments, that only the professional organization in this server can offer to you. We want to you join us, inform yourself, join and see your worth, your level, your cappacity to reach such achievements, reknown from all over the world. A challenge who is not for everyone. EQUIP YOURSELF ONLY MAKING RESETS! Beside of our great donation system, you can equip yourself by resets thanks to our innovative qualifiers system. We are professionals and we prove it by showing you something different! Try it, join us and learn the truly MU Online, with mechanics totally differents to what you used to do. We invited to you to our community, a community who choose you... In InvokerGamers we appropriate of one of the lastest advance who presents MU Online to improve the totally satisfaction in all our users. We guarantee a unique experience where you would be protagonists of this wonderful game on-line, making friends, learning, and being part of a community who carry on whit five years bringing the best attention. From the community begin, we count with a host who have excelents benefits to offer a optimal service and efficient for all the users. We use a 300 Mbps symmetric connection, for any user can joy of a minimum latency. Also we consider the possibles fallen, but that is not a problem, as we have hire a provitional host for any posible absence of the main host. ???????????????????????? ? We also have with all the automatic events functionable and the characteristics to the 100%. ? Files 100% officials free of bugs, in english and spanish. ? New qualifiers system con awesome prizes for every season, since Silver to Master. ? ELO PvP System. ? All the characters fully balanced. ? Active Castle Siege. ? For the 97d big fans, we have the antiques sets, like Flaming Phoenix, Dark Side, Magnus, etc. ? New aura system (passives)for sets. And a lot more! What are you waiting for to discover our unique and exclusive updates? -Features Server: Lemuria ? Season: 6 ? Experience: 400x (Dynamic per server and according to your reset) ? Drop: 50% ? Keep stats: Yes ? PPL: 800 (1200 VIP) ? Gift Resets: 20 ???????????????????????? Our Staff: ? Founders: CHRONOS & VENUS ? Moderator: Enki ? Game Master: SHADOW, ANDROS, Darckus ???????????????????????? Community website: Server Web: Fan Page: What are you waiting for?

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