GlobalMu S9Ep2 x9999 x50 Opening 18 December



Global Mu Online server x50 grand opening!
Hello we are opening new server with 50x experience and dynamic resets!
Server grand opening 18. December 17.00 GMT +2
Server is build without item shop, it means players must hunt items ingame!

Server info:
Experience: x50
Master exp: x25

From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (3kk zen*reset)
Max resets: 50
Dynamic reset experience:
Reset 1-5: 100%
Reset 6-10: 80%
Reset 11-15: 70%
Reset 16-20: 50%
Reset 21-30: 40%
Reset 31-40: 30%
Reset 41-50: 20%

Grand resets:
From 50 resets! Maximum GR unlimited, Grand reset bonus stats: 7500
Grand reset bonus stats stays after GR and resets.

Spots in all maps till Icarus (4-5 mobs) after that default spots as official server!
No item shop!
Cash shop enabled!

Offtrade for Wcoins: In noria only!

Sockets +exc: Disabled
380lvl +exc: Enabled
Max life: +16

Votes - This month