NO ITEM WEB SHOP ONLY VIP/SVIP SALE TO DONATE HOST S6. 4 Basic exp 15 SVIP 25 Drop 25 SVIP 30 No RR limits Party exp bonus MAX item LVL 15 FREE RESET NO LIMIT 1RR 1 RR POINT (6 points 1 option into item) Item MARKET for players you can sell item to another player Also you can sell your character to another player MASTERLVL MAX 400 Potion Stacks 255 Points DK 5 DW 5 ELF 5 SU 5 MG 7 DL 7 AFTER RESET: DK DW ELF SU 550 MG DL650 Helper lvl 80 Basic shops, TS ES in shop Fully working Reconnect option BASIC OPITONS LUCK 25 JOL 70 65 60 55 BLESS 100 SOUL 70 65 60 55 CHAOS MIX: 75 PREMIUM VIP ChaosMachine 5 above 9 items Joh 5 pink opt 5 Soul 5 JoL 5 post from 75lvl add(str, agi, vit, ene, cmd ) 4kk Zen pkclear: 300kk Zen 2 discounts 2 more for rewards 30 more space in WebWarehouse 50 more Market Sell limit SUPER VIP VIP SUB ACCESS: 5x EXP 1x MExp +5 ChaosMix DS, BC, IT 10 chaosmix above 9 15 craft stat potion 10craft SD potion 1 JoH 15 pink (380lvl) 10Soul 10 JoL 10 JoH post from 1st lvl add(str, agi, vit, ene, cmd) 1,5kk Zen pkclear: 100kk Zen aditional valut (command ware 1) 5 discounts 100 more space in WebWarehouse 100 more Market Sell limit 5 more for rewards WEBSITE FEATURES: Buy Vip Buy vip status to have premium services Hide Info Hide inventory / location from others Add Luck Add luck to your items Buy Zen Do you more need zen? Check out here Buy Dual Inventory Activate Dual Inventory status Change Race Change your character race Change Name Change your character name Transfer Character Move your hero to another account PLAYER MARKET SELL YOUR ITEMS OR CHARACTER Blood Castle 01:00 00:00 Every Hour Devil Square 00:30 22:30 Every 2 Hours Chaos Castle 00:00 20:00 Every 4 Hours Golden Invasion 00:00 18:00 Every 6 Hours Exp Event EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY OTHER: Death King, White Wizard, Red Dragon, Illusion Temple, Castle Siege, Kalima, Kanturu, Loren Deep, CryWolf, Guild War, Drop Event etc. I RECOMMEND

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