AnHiMiLaToRs MU 250x


Re-Launched: 05 JAN 2019 Version: 99.62T Experience: 250x Drop rate: 50% Box in shop: NO Bless Bug: OFF Max level: 400 Reset level: 350 Max reset: Dynamic Grand reset: NO Stat Points Per level: SM/DK/ELF - 5, MG/DL - 7 QUEST SYSTEM Custom Quests designed to help new players Current quest for 10 max resets: 50 CUSTOM COMMANDS /post, /online, /pkclear, /time, /questinfo Stats adder (needs Switch Character) /addstr 999 /addagi 999 /addvit 999 /addenr 999 CLASS QUESTS For Scroll of the Emperor, kill monsters in: Lost Tower 1, Atlans 1/2 For second item (class-specific), kill monsters in: Lost Tower 7, Atlans 2, Tarkan It may take time until the item is dropped. GAME EVENTS Blood Castle Rewards : Blue Feather Devil Square Rewards : Zen & EXP + 1 Golden Monster Chaos Castle Rewards : Ancient Item Sky Event : Once a day; reward : 10 x Jewel of Bless

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