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Bless Destiny x1000 - Start 5 September - 2000 Online
Feel the true Classic MU Online experience. We invite you to our newest server! Gifts and experience boosts for new players.
MU Online Classic Bless Universe x1000.0 x1.0 x30.0 x5000.0
ZhyperMU eX 12 - Top MU Server for 15 Years
Castle Siege War Points System | Save & Load Master Level Skills | Own Buff PVP Server | 2 Guilds Max Ally | Free T2 PVP Gear from Website | Friendly Staff & Community | Unique Anti-Cheat System | Max Exp & Drop | 24/7 PVP & Market | Active Developers | 15 Years of Service No Wipe | Instant PVP |
Season 12 5000x PvP MuOnline
DragonMu Online S14 X99999 20September
Dragon Mu online, Full Season 14 server! 3 Worlds 2500 online! New server X99999 opening 20. September! Reset rewards, grand reset rewards, vote reward, easy level, great loot!
Season 14 MuOnline
Mu Instinto Online [Exp x500 - x300 Drop 40%]
GENERAL: - Season 6 Episodio 3. - Items Originales. - Stats: 65.000. - RESET: 400 lvl Free. VIP: 350 lvl (+ exp). - Master Level: 400 pts (Se incrementa con GR). SERVIDOR MEDIUM: - Experiencia: 500x - 300x dinámica. - Drop: 40%. - No borra stats. - Grand Reset: 200 RR (Borra stats). - M...
Season 6 Episode 3 Episode 3 Slow Mu 30x Medium 500x 50x Server Mu Season6 Medium Server MuOnline
MUX Global - Phobos x5000 - New Server - 1000 Online
Unique vision of Classic MU Online, Amazing world of Arkania, Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design, MuOnline like you have never seen before. Outstanding quality, real play2win experience - Feel The Difference! Gifts and experience boosts for new players.
x5000 GrandShop Classic MuOnline Arkania

Servers 6-19

Infinity MU Online - Season 3 EP1
BOX +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Shop, EXP:99999x, Daily GM Events (F.O. Prizes), Working Castle Siege, Mass Spawns, Grand Resets each 100rr, No Bugs, No Lags, Easy/fun Gameplay. Box, Jewels, Wings in Shop. WebShop. Biggest MU Community. Advanced Anti Cheat. Online without wipes for 11 Years and More to Come! ...
Season 3 Episode 1 Balanced Classes eventos exclusivos servidor premium friendly players Season3 S3E1 PvP Balanced 9999x MuOnline
Pandora MU S13 - x500 - Long-term
For players that care about their time and are not fooled by grand opening schemes, we welcome you to join our awesome server and its tight knit community. PvP + Non-PvP. No Pay-to-Win: We do not sell full-option, +15, consumables or any crafted items. Real online players, no /offlevel nonsense.
Season 13 Episode 2-2 s13 Season 13 Medium Rates Non-PvP Castle Siege Good Economy Balanced Classes Keep Stats x500 PvP
LEGENDARY MAX X9999 - 20 SEPTEMBER | A year ago we presented our MAX x9999 server - players really love it, have a lot of good feedbacks, and now we are going step forward, to promote the interests of the old players and to attract new players! Join Now!
s14 MuOnline
999999999x OpenMu PVP 999999999x
SEASON 3 Ep1 / Exp 999999999 / BOX+1+2+3+4+5,6 IN SHOPS / 25 Webshop functions / 24/7 / WINGS 1,2,3,4_ALL JEWELS IN SHOPS / IN SHOP FO ITEMS / FREE CREDITS FOR ALL / MAX LVL 1000 / PPL 25/30 / 4LVL WINGS /NO-LAG / SUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY
NEW Faronnia MU Online CLASSIC Remastered
FRESH START - GRAND OPENING SUNDAY 04.08.2019 Faronnia MU / Open-PVPVE / NO PAY2WIN / LONGTERM SERVER / DISCORD COMMUNITY - The ultimate old-school classic MU Online experience! New content and modifications never seen before. Join us today, faronnian! Best new 2019 private server!
Season 3 modified 100x PvP Fairplay Balanced Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
GoblinMu New x100 - OPENING 19 SEPTEMBER
Two different servers: x100 and x700 / Bonus Events / Maximally Limited Shops X and Web / No Full items / Game Guides / Reset, Grand Reset Rewards / Earn Free Credits by Playing / X Shop / Vip System / Auto Party / Monsters Power Adjusted / Web Market / Stable, Active Online / x100 today - Sept 19
Season 9 S9 100x 700x
HyperMU Season 6 Episode 14 x99999
Season 6 Episode 14- EXP:999999x - Stable/PVP Balance/Easy Gameplay/New Jewels/New Set/Items up to Season 14/Daily GM Events/Grand Resets/Original Item Effects HOT!/Castle Siege War Points SYSTEM HOT!/FREE T2 FREEBIES IN XSHOP!
season 6 episode 14 Season 6 Part 14 Season 3 Episode 14 S3 Season 13 Season 6 Episode 3 PvP Balanced 9999x MuOnline
eGames Luna x5 - Start 30 May - 1000 Online
Unique vision of Classic MU Online, Amazing world of Arkania, Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design, MuOnline like you have never seen before. Outstanding quality, real play2win experience - Feel The Difference! Gifts and experience boosts for new players!
MuOnlines ASGARD x50 Open - 5 SEPTEMBER
Innovative MuOnlines Long-Term Project - Season 6 Episode 3, Hard Economy System, Limited Shop, Nice Leveling Road, Fully Working Events, Quality and Interesting Gameplay, Well Balanced, Configured, Stable Server, Advanced Game Guides, Big Community, Join US - [In MU We Trust]
Season 6 Episode 3 PvP 1000x 50x MuOnline
FireMU Online
Season 14 (Premium) Medium Rates 500X #NoPayToWin FireMU is a Brazilian Server but the support is to all languages. Joins us!
Season 14 Nuevo Mu MMORPG no Donate PvP Balanced Medium 500x Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
Infinity MU - 100x Edition
Exp & Drop:100x & 60x, Unique, Stable, Long-term, Quality gameplay Balanced Character Classes, Dedicated server, 24x7 Uptime, Professional developer, Active GMs, 3 Years online without wipes! Join us if you\\\\\\\'re searching for long term medium exp server!
Nuke Mu x20 NO-RESET HARDCORE 1250Max Level Web Chaos Goblin Weekly PvP Tournaments Custom item drop
Season 13 Episode 2-2 Season 13 NON RESET No Webshop PvP Balanced
Rodesia Mu Online
CARACTERISTICAS DEL SERVIDOR Versión: Season 6 Episodio 3 Files IGCN con Licencia Experiencia: x4000 Master expe: x800 Arbol max lvl: 400 puntos por lvl : 2 Drop: 30% Reset lvl: 400 Borra Stats: NO Maximo Stats: 32767 Party Bonus: ON Bless Bug: OFF Limite de conexiones por pc: 3 Puntos ...
Season 6 Episode 3 MuOnline
3000x 50% Real 5+ Warehouses 65k Ingame Resets & GR, Easy Jewel and BOK looting
Top Mu New x40 - Grand Opening 21 August
--- TopMu Online SEASON 12, No Bugs, Premium Antihack, 3D Camera, 2 Servers Hard: x40 and Easy: x1000, GL, Nice Spots, Minimap, MUUN, RUUD, Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets, Configured Events, Items, Drops, Increased Monster Power, No Full Items and Stat Points, Stable Online, Join us Now ---
S12 40x Dynamic Exp Balanced 1000x
Dragon Mu Online Season 6
Servidor S6 EP3, Exp x5000, Drop x60, PJS Balanceados, Sistema único de PvP, Sistema de Resets, Sistema de Votaciones, Sistema Anti-Dupeo, Anti-Cheat, Evento PvP, Evento de Palabras, Evento de Carreras, Evento de Apuestas, Castle Siege y mucho más!
Season 6 Episode 3 Season6 MuOnline
America Games
Una comunidad de MU Online Season 6 con files Premium, tenemos 3 servidores: Slow SIN WEBSHOP, Medium PvP super balanceado y Fast FREE To Play & super balanceado. Te lo vas a perder?
Season 6 Episode 3 no donate sets Season 6 episode 12 Medium Season6 500x Medium Balanced PvP no Donate 5x No Webshop free Items TENES MIEDO
[THE BEST Mu Online Season 12] [x30 and x500 Dynamic] [Play to Win] [No Web Shop] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Economy Values are Wcoins, Jewels, Zen, RUUD] [Buy, Sell items in Market] [Great Configured] [No Maximum Stats] [Monsters Power Adjusted, Spots on Minimap] [Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling] [...
Season 12 S12 Anti Hack 3D Camera No Webshop Dynamic Exp 30x PvP Fairplay Balanced 500x
MU FOX Season 13
EXP Dinámica x50-250 | Spots en Todos los Mapas | 24/7 en linea | 99.5% UPTIME | 5 Días VIP GRATIS | PREMIO GP y RUUD por cada RESET | NO ITEMS FULL OPT | NO VENTA DE ÍTEMS FULL | Todos los eventos activados | 2 Servidores PVP y NO PVP | MUFOX desde 2007 ÚNETE
Season 14 MuOnline
MuOnline bOYd Season 2
Mu bOYd Season 2, Servidor Normal, Exp: 1000x, Drop: 80, Original sin items custom, Todos los eventos funcionando, Razas balanceadas, Puedes equiparte sin donar, y muchas cosas mas. Te esperamos...
s14 Season 14 No Webshop Medium Server MuOnline
Rain MU S2 Non-Reset
Exp: 10x ][ Drop: 30x ][ WZ Based Settings ][ Classic Gameplay ][ PVP Balanced ][ No Custom Item ][ NO Item Donation ][ Hunt Based System ][ Good Anti Cheat System ][ 24/7 Stable ][ Working Events: Castle Siege, Crywolf, BC, DS, CC and many more...
no donate sets MU Online Classic Season 2 season 2 10x No Webshop Classic Balanced Classes
DESTINATIONMU SEASON 12 - ENJOY US IN BETA TEST - Nixies Lake MAP - Holyangel Mastery Set - Darkangel Weapons new! - New Map Ferea - Custom Jewels - Max Stats 65k - New Character - Grow Lancer - New Currency: Ruud
Season 12 season12 Fun Server MuOnline
Mu Helheim Season 6
Season 6 E3, Exp: X100, Drop: 30%, Bonus Party, Pjs Balanceados, Max Stats: 65.000, Items Fulls: No, Webshop: Si, Membrecias Vip: Si, Reset: Borra Stats Y Otorga 400 Puntos. Mas Que Un Server, Somos Una Comunidad.
Season 6 Episode 3 Mu Argentina MuOnline Season6 100x Slow Mu 3D Camera MU Online 2018
Agony MU Season 14 ep 1-3 x1000 Grand Opening
Best server can ever be! x1000 fast exp rate with high drop rates! Grand Reset at 150 rr = 3500 wc bonus! 1k points per reset, and low prices. Everything made for PVP and everything is available easier. Special NPC stores. Very friendly Online Support 24/7! We will help you always if you got trouble...
Rune Wizard Season 14 Fun x1000 no donate sets Season 14 episode 1-3 New Jewels Events friendly players x1000 Fairplay Balanced Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
OscarMu Season6 Episode3 - X9999
OscarMu Season6Ep3///easy Lvling/Nice drop/Fast spawning bosses/grand reset rewards/Weekly Siege/BalancedPVP//Spots in every maps/32000Stats//NO LAG/Daily Events///NO BUGS/GM ONLINE/OFFlevel/OFFtrade systems/Free credits for everyone/JOIN US TODAY!!!
S6 Ep3 MuOnline
Exp x100, Drop 30%, Max. 4 opc. Reset Lvl 400, Remove Stats, +400 Points. Original Items, No Delay, Asynchronous 100%. Events and Invasions 100%, No Vip, No Custom. Minimap Marks enabled for Spots 4-5 (press TAB)
Season 6 Episode 3 Classic Premium Dynamic Exp Balanced Medium Server
MuOnline Areax Season 13 Episode 2
Servidor español con mas de 4 años online. Servidor sin fallos, administradores siempre trabajando para perfeccionar el entorno MMORPG.
Season 13 MuOnline
DestroyMU - Season 3 Episode 1
Versiune: Season 3 Episode 1 / Exp:500xp / Drop:65 / Level reset:400 / Points Level: 5/6 Bless bug:On / Market System: On / Max stats:32767 / Ancient + Excellent FO / Exchange online hours for credits / Free Credits / WebShop / Grand reset system / Castle Siege On
ArcanaMu Season 2 x80 10 Rebirths
Exp:80 Drop:70 Reset:10 Castle Siege Premium Server Files Reconnect System 3D Camera Good Balance Mob HP Bar Offattack Store Jewels Offstore Vote Credits Outstanding quality Fresh Server 350+
Season 2 10Reset 75x 80x MuOnline Balanced
New Era Mu Online
[Max Level 400]Build Stats Battle] Best Anti Cheat]Huge Players Online] [Medium Server][Exp +80]SetecSoft Files
There is but only one path of hope for the Land of MU to discover the 8 Sealing Stones that have been scattered across the continent. But who will be brave and strong enough to succeed and save MU? MU is a highly involved fantasy RPG, based on the legendary continent of MU, where players can choose ...
Season 8 Premium PvP
MU Imperial 097D 099I Opening 11 05 2019
Opening 11/05/2019 Server for real veterans MU ONLINE 097D-099I + New Exclusive Items Exp: x15, Drop: 30%
[HARD SERVER] [NO RESET] [SEASON 2] [MU Helper ] [INTERNATIONAL] Active Support Staff! Play old school GMO Mu Online and join a community committed to classic gaming experience.
Season 2 MU Online Classic Balanced Classes Classic hard NON RESET PvP 10x Medium Server MuOnline
Hades Network S14 NoRebirthx25 - Fast x1000 - Valhalla x200
NoRebirth Exp & Drop: 25 X 30% Non Reset! Real play to win !!. Server Fast Exp & Drop: 1000 X 60% Starts with 10 Resets + vip 15 days and initial pack !!!
Season 14 MuOnline
DRAGONMU - SEASON 6EP3 - 600x Grand Opening 1st June 2019
DragonMu - Meet the Dragon! | Season 6EP3 | Exp: 600x Drop: 30% | Balanced PVP | 32K Stats | NO Lagg | Vote Reward System | Exchange hours online for credits | Vip System | Webshop | XShop | GR Bonus System | Lotteries | Daily Exp Events | Everyday Events with GMs | Achievements |
[Season6 CUSTOM] [EXP:800x] / GRAND OPENING 15 SEPTEMBER TIME 3PM / 32K Stats / BONUS GR SYSTEM / Vote Rewards / Custom Xshop System / New Items / New Events / New Pet and much more JOIN NOW!
Season 6 Episode 3 MuOnline
Welcome to RegalMu
MuOnline RegalMu Version: Season 9 Eps 3 Experience: 500x Drop: 60% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 300 Points per level: 5/7/7 Points per master level: 1 Maximum stat: 32767
S9 MuOnline
Diamond S14 - X10 NoReset - 17 September
Mu Online Season 14, Unique and Professionally configured, X10 NoReset X50 Limited X500 Medium, No WebShop, Decreased Exp Boosts, Monthly Events, Balanced and Adjusted all game contents, Stat Builds, Custom Jewels, Market, Anti Hack, Stable & Long Term, Less words - Come and check all, Grand Opening
Rune Wizard s14 Season 14 NON RESET No Webshop 500x 50x 10x
SyntaX Mu Online
Season 4 Custom Server Files MUEMU Updated Files Good Anti Hack (MHP) Complete Season 4 features Huntable Items Custom Ex700 Huntable Items
Bienvenidos a la comunidad GZONE. EXP 99999x Drop 70 % BOXS+1+2+3 : EN STORE Drop de Chaos Bless y Souls Anticheat Premium. Sistema del reset : Acomulativo No borra nada Combo de BK activado.Alianza de Guild: Activado.Evento todos los dias.
Season 2 MuOnline Downgraded Server Mu 9999x Easy Server Fun Server season 2
Mu HardCore Season 6 Files Exclusivos
[Stadisticas] Version: Season 6 Experiencia Free: 150x Experiencia VIP: 200x Drop Free: 40% Drop VIP: 60% Drop De Zen Free: 80% Drop De Zen VIP: 100% Reset LVL Free: 400 Reset LVL VIP: 380 Maximo Puntos: 32767 Maximo Level Master Skill Three: 400 Cash Shop Activo Por HardCoin
Season 6 episode 12 MuOnline Season6 Server Mu hard dedicado servidor premium eventos exclusivos itens exclusivos
Official Open 1.09.2019/ Max Stats 65k Max Lvl 32k/ PVP / CUSTOM SET Web Shop : ON / Server Online 24/7 , EXP 9999x DROP 80x /1.09 BONUS CREDITS Events , Webshop, Credits For Votes / POINT PER LVL 5-7 / WEEKLY BONUS FOR EVENTS / Server Work From 2019. ENJOY
Season 6 Episode 3 9999x
F403 Mu Season 12 Episode 2-NO BUGS
F403 MU S.12 EP.2 with unique game-play New Server x100 Dynamic, open 15 AUG, spots all maps, nice drop and fast spawning bosses Fun game-play, alot of custom events, all original events working. Give us a try! MUEMU License!
Season 12 Episode 2 x100 Dynamic EXP
Flare MuOnline
[Season 14][Custom Events and Features][FO Items+Ancient+Yellow][Fair GamePlay][20k Max Stats][Balanced PvP, PvM and Market][New Items][New Wings][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Unique Vote Reward][Long Term Play][1gbs No Lag][Fastest Support] JOIN US NOW
Season 14 NON RESET