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Global Mu Online Season 13
Global Mu Online Season 13 Episode 1, 3 Worlds, X10, X50, x500, x9999 Epic bosses, Great Boss drops, New 4th Quest, New Wings 4lvl, New MUUN pets, Grand Resets, Freebies for Newbies, 3Years ONLINE 24/7, Best private MuOnline server 3000+ Online!
Season 13 500x 9999x 10x
Season 13 Episode 1 The best PvP/PvE mu online server created and maintained by proffessional developers with a passion for Mu Online. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware. Server Opening 15th January
Season 13 10x 1000x 100x
Mu Philadelphia S3
Version: Season 3 Pluss // Exp Dinamica: x25 - x5 // Drop: 30% // Elf Buffer: 200 (Max Level) // Max. Normal Level: 400 // Max. Master Level: 400 // Arbol de Skill Master: Extendido // Spots: 4 mobs (Hot 6 mobs)
S6 Ep3 Season 6 Episode 3 1.04e No Webshop PvP 10x Server Mu Season6 Medium Server MuOnline
Mu Linkmania REBORN
[Season 6 EP3][Exp:10-25][Drop:30%][Balanced PvP][Long Term Play][32 MaX stats][No FO Items][Fair GamePlay][32k Max Stats][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Real Play2Win][No Web-Shop/Cash-Shop][Only VIP][Web Market][Autoparty,GM Quests]
Season 6 Episode 3 10x 50x Medium PvP no Donate 30x 5x Dynamic Exp
Anachak Mu
Anachak Mu Season 12. Best Mu online experience you ever played
Season 12 MuOnline 10x Balanced Fairplay 100x No Webshop

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