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NEW Faronnia MU Online CLASSIC Remastered
FRESH START - GRAND OPENING SUNDAY 04.08.2019 Faronnia MU / Open-PVPVE / NO PAY2WIN / LONGTERM SERVER / DISCORD COMMUNITY - The ultimate old-school classic MU Online experience! New content and modifications never seen before. Join us today, faronnian! Best new 2019 private server!
Season 3 modified 100x PvP Fairplay Balanced Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
Mu Helheim Season 6
Season 6 E3, Exp: X100, Drop: 30%, Bonus Party, Pjs Balanceados, Max Stats: 65.000, Items Fulls: No, Webshop: Si, Membrecias Vip: Si, Reset: Borra Stats Y Otorga 400 Puntos. Mas Que Un Server, Somos Una Comunidad.
Season 6 Episode 3 Mu Argentina MuOnline Season6 100x Slow Mu 3D Camera MU Online 2018
GoblinMu New x100 - OPENING 17 DECEMBER
Two different servers: x100 and x700 / Bonus Events / Maximally Limited Shops X and Web / No Full items / Game Guides / Reset, Grand Reset Rewards / Earn Free Credits by Playing / X Shop / Vip System / Auto Party / Monsters Power Adjusted / Web Market / Stable, Active Online / x100 today - December ...
Season 9 S9 100x 700x
ManiacMU - Here play real MuOnline Maniacs! Season 6 Episode 3, Exp 100x, Drop 30%, No Webshop. Official start: 20.12.2019r. !
Season 6 Episode 3 100x
Unity Mu - Season 12 - Hard - No P2W
Season 12, episode 1, New Mu Online Private server coming strong! We came here to make history, to show to you that Mu Online still being fun to play. 100x Experience, we balance the game to make you swet to stay strong, make it worth!
Season 12 100x
Welcome to AnachakMu S13 Ep2. Low/Medium/High EXP rate. New BBA claws, New Earrings items and More
s13 Episode 2 No Webshop 100x Fairplay Balanced 10x MuOnline
Mu Argus EXP x100 Dynamic DROP 35 pvp balanced events 100%
New Mu Argus Season6, just openned Mu Argus Server Slow. Info: ??Web www.muargus.com ??WebShop NO ??Version Season 6 Plus ??Experience 100x (Dynamic) ??Drop 35% (General) ??Max Stats 65k ??Spots 5 mobs (Hots 6) ??Buffers NPC 3 Resets ??IP Limit NO ??Semifull Items NO ??Full Items NO ??VIP On Bronze,...
Season 6 Episode 3 MuOnline Medium Server Season6 Server Mu 100x
MuContinent - Dynamic 50x~5x
[MuContinent][Premium Files Season 6 EP3][Dynamic 50-5x][Drop 30][NO VIP][Auto /attack /offattack][/offstore][Auto reconnect][Balanced PvP][Spots 7 Hots 10][Max 10 acc for IP][Vote Reward][VPS 24/07][10gbs Cero Lag][Free Credits for stay ON]
Season 6 Episode 3 100x Season6 MuOnline
Well Developed Server, Cash Shop X, Limited 4 Exc Options, No OP Items, Balanced PvP and PvM, Fully Working Master Skill Tree, No OP Characters, Fully Working Events, Nice Level Roading, Castle Siege Every Week, Guaranteed Stability and High Performance
Season 4 1000x 100x
HeLL-Ice MU Season 9 FRESH DB
HeLL-Ice MU Season 9 ! LOW SERVER,HARD GAME, 100x EXP and 85% drop rate, PvP server! CLICK FOR MORE INFO !
S9 hard MU Online 100x PvP Balanced Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
ICELANDMUONLINE 100x fresh start
Welcome to brand new free to play season 14 private server! Server is 100x and no webshop!!!stats stays come and explore the server by yourself . ! Grand opened 15.06.2019 ! IcelandMu forever!NO VIPES!
No Webshop Dynamic Exp no Donate 100x PvP Fairplay Balanced Server Mu Medium Server
Season 14 Part 1-3 FULL , Rate x100 OPEN [06.09.2019] OPEN! All new innovation of MU Online. New Wings 4rd, NEW Quests, 4rd Class for all, Epic Bosses, Great Boss with special drops, NEW Maps, Events. All Character & Grow Launcher, Rune Wizard active from 1 lvl. All you need for stable and good game...
Season 14 Balanced Classes 100x PvP MuOnline
Mu Nightmare Season 6 Episodio 3
Exp x100, Drop 60%, PJS Balanceados, Items custom, Sistema de Resets, Sistema de Votaciones, Sistema Anti-Dupeo, Sistema Anti-Cheat, Evento PvP, Evento de Palabras, Evento de Carreras, Evento de Apuestas, Castle Siege y mucho más.
Season 6 episode 12 S6 Ep3 Season 6 Episode 3 100x PvP Balanced 500x 200x 50x 10x Season6 Medium Server MuOnline
UnitedMU S14 - 100x - Play2Win - Open 28 SEPT 2019
United Mu Season 14, X100 with Resets, Balanced PVP, Fun Farming BETA Players get PRIZE Looking for Game Master and Staff Server is ONLINE, 28 Sept Grand Opening
Season 14 Resets BETA Live 100x MuOnline
Mu zodiac
???????? Gran inauguracion Mu Zodiac ???????? ????????Abrimos Yaaaaaa???????? Se te regalara una espada o estaff menor a 380 ????DATOS SERVIDOR???? ???? Versión: Season 6 Episodio 3???? ????????Modo de Juego : slow???????? ???????? Exp: 100x???????? ???? Drop: 30% ???? ???? Máximo Stats: 65000??...
S6 Ep3 100x
- Version : Season 6 Episode 3 - Exp: 100 - Drop: 50% - Points for LvL: 10/10/10/10 - Points for Master LvL: 1 - Max LvL: 400 - Max Master LvL: 500 - Premium AntiHack
Season 6 Episode 3 100x
# Host from: France # Greece: Server Private # DDos:Protection # Server Exp: 100x # Server Drop: 70% # Monster HP: 100% # Jewel of Bless Bug: OFF # Mana Shield Defence rate: 15% (AT START) # Level Resets: 350 on WebSite or in Game (In Game type /reset) # Clear Skills on Resets: Yes # Clear Points on...
14w11b 100x
Might MU S6 Premium Files
Season 6 Episode 3 100x