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Zhyper MU Online Season 10 Full Retail
New Castle Siege War Points System | No More Boring Last Minute Play | Special PVP Server OWN CHARACTER BUFF ONLY | New Blood Angel Items | New Lucky 3 Sets | Complete Elemental | 5000x | 75% | 24/7 PVP & Market | Longest Running Private MU Server 13 Years of Service | Biggest MU Community | Unmat...
5000x PvP MuOnline
Pandora MU S13 - x500 - Since 2007
Join our Friendly Community and Play on a Long-term Server with Dedicated Support / Servers: PvP and Non-PvP / NO Custom Mods and NO Skins / NO FO Shop: +0+Luck with MAX 3 EXC Options OR 3 (Empty) Sockets per Item / Fair Play Market: Wings, Ancients, Jewels, Seeds and ANY Crafted Item can ONLY be Ob...
s13 Season 13 MU Online Season 13 MU Online 2018 MMORPG x500 PvP
[THE BEST Mu Online Season 12] [x30 and x500 Dynamic] [Play to Win] [No Web Shop] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Economy Values are Wcoins, Jewels, Zen, RUUD] [Buy, Sell items in Market] [Great Configured] [No Maximum Stats] [Monsters Power Adjusted, Spots on Minimap] [Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling] [...
Season 12 S12 Anti Hack 3D Camera No Webshop Dynamic Exp 30x PvP Fairplay Balanced 500x
Premium Season 9 / Two Servers: x60 and x400 / Welcome Bonuses / Nice Events / No Full items / Muun System / Reset, Grand Reset Rewards / X Shop / Auto Party / Monsters Power Increased / Web Market / Stable Online / Active Community / Long Term / Running more than 2 years / x40 - Today DECEMBER 14
Season 9 S9 x400 x60
NEW X5000 REBORN! GRAND OPENING - 10 NOVEMBER! !!! Season 13 Episode 2 Official WebZen configuration Exp: x9999 & x5000 / GROW LANCER / Tones of amazing features ! JOIN NOW!
Season 13 5000x 9999x MuOnline

Servers 6-19

LostMU Online Season 6 Episode 4
LostMU Online Season 6 Episode 4, Exp x1600, Drop x60, Medium, Old School, New Monsters, New Events, New Wings, New Items, Grand Reset System, Hack Protection 100% Secure, WebShop Available, Real Play2Win, 24/7 Online, Join US Today
MuOnline Medium Fun x1000 Season 6 Episode 3 1.04e PvP Fairplay Balanced Medium 1000x Server Mu Season6 MuOnline
Psychic Doom MU
Psychic Doom MU 97D+99I High Exp Private Server / Credits System / New Sets for all class / Grand Reset System / Market System: On / Webshop: On / Max stats:32767 / Level Reset: 350
MuSkyrocket - GRAND OPENING - 17December
MuSkyrocket S12EP2 Opening 17DECEMBER [Exp X100][Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling] [Buy, Sell items in Market][Amaizing Drops] [Grand Reset Rewards][Weekly Siege Winners rewards][Balanced PVP][Epic Bosses With Great Loot],Exciting gameplay guarantied!
PantherMU Season 4
Nuevo y Mejorado PantherMU S4 Te invitamos a nuestro servidor Season 4 SERVIDOR MEDIUM Exp: 60x Drop 50% Reset (nivel 400) Master Reset [Bono 10.000 VIDA X MR] Máximo de Stats: 65.000 - Servidor Alojado 24/7 en VPS USA - No Vendemos item full. - Balance PVP todas las razas. - Combo en todas las raz...
Season 4 Ultimate Season 4 Episode 6 season4 Server Mu Medium Server MuOnline
Nanis - MuOnline is Fun and relaxing
SimpleMU Season 6 Episode 3 Exp: 1000x, Real 4lvl Wings, New Jewels of Luck, Excellent, Ancient, Custom Events, Refferals, Grand Resets, Vote Reward Grand Opening 8 September, New Players Get Extra Exp
Season 6 Episode 3 2500x
HellYeahMU Private Mu Online Server
Season 1, Max Reset 10, Experience 100x, Drop E, Off-Level Enabled, No Webshop, PvP balanced, Unique PvP System.
S 1 Season 2 MuOnline
MonsterMu - ARGUS x50 OPENS ON 8 September
Unique Season 12, Real Play2Win, No Items Shop, Simple CashShop, Balanced Exp Seals and Pets, Most Balanced PvP, New Features, Maps, Bosses and Items, Scripted Events, Rewarding Loot, Anti Cheat, Innovative Gameplay, LONG-TERM GUARANTEED!
Eternal MU - Server x1000 Starts on 2 September
Multiple Worlds: x10, x100, x1000, Full Season 10, Real Balanced PvP, New Features, Maps, Events, Bosses, Muun Pets, Blood Angel Items, Ruud Currency, Amazing Gameplay, Stats Specialization, Auto Party, Friendly Community, Celebrating 12 Years Online!
Mu eGlobal Season13 ep2 Exp50x Master15x 30 March
Mu eGlobal Season 13 ep 2 Exp 50x Master 15x No Reset Server! Fresh Server! No All Seal to Sell! No Paytowin! Full features season 10, 11, 12 and 13 Working! Last Man Standing Event! and much more!! come and have fun with us!
Season 13
Mu Legend - Season 14 ep1 - NON RESET - 5000 PLAYERS ONLINE
Mu Legend - MAX LEVEL 1050 - NO WEBSHOP - NON Reset Server - Season 14 Ep1 - Exp 50X - Drop 40% - 5000+ players! - 4th Class Evolution - offattack command - offstore 1 or 2 - Events Working - STARTER PACK FOR BEGINNERS - NO BUGS - NO IGCN Server Files.
GranD MU x1000 - Open- 8 December
Grand Mu x1000 , Season 4 Ultra,New events, Premium Files, Balanced Characters, New maps and sets, No FO or OP Items, Castle Siege Every Week, CashShop, AutoParty System, Off exp,Party Search and other,New events and many other!
Season 4 Episode 6
GameThuVN Season 10
GameThuVN Season10 Part2,No Donate, x1000 New features NEW CARACTER GLOW LANCER, Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets,New Events, Referral system 150+ Online 24/7
HeLL-Ice MU Origin mobile game
HeLL-Ice MU Origin mobile game! Get ready for the Full 3D EPIC MMORPG experience! Mobile MMORPG will never be the same! Experience an exciting real time MMORPG that lets you embark on an epic fantasy journey. Meet friends, create parties,and gear up to fight against the evil on a vast open world to ...
MuOnlinePH Season6 EP3
No Reset - Exp: 500x - Drop: 50% - Season 6 IGCN FILES - Friendly Community - Premium Antihack - Long Term Server - Cheap Donations - Hosted in USA - Vote Rewards- Come and play with us
FallenMu S8EP3
EXP : 1000x PvP Balance : 100% Opening : 09.07.2018
VoidMU Online Season 12 No Reset Server
25x Exp, 35x Drop, Max Level 800, Fix Stats Enabled, Allow Reset Skill Tree Enabled. Not a Spoon Feeding Server & Not Perfect, but Well Balanced, & Created for Fun and Nostalgia. Long Term, NO RESETS, but 20 points per level up for DK,DW,ELF,SUM & 28 points for MG,DL,RF,GL.
Season 12 Balanced Fairplay
ForceMU season 8 episode 2 Freebies 4 option gear after reaching 50 reset. Max stats 32767 . Balanced PVP Settings. . Weekly Castle Siege. Massive PVP Server.
VIP 10 Wings 20NewFashion Wing ,Pet VIP Free gift code every week Boss appear every 1 min in house of bossTrain monster drop bound diamonds and diamonds all the map1 TALISMAN FULL OPTIONS1 Set g7 7
A long and fair game Quality powerful equipment Good communication channels Honest responsive administration Always ready to help you, technical support Constant improvement and promotion of the project Modern equipment and communication channels of the server will allow you to enjoy a full-si
Season 4 Episode 6
MuOnline [S9 OPEN October 1] Play 2 Gain
[Season 9][Dynamic Exp System][Newly Opened][Drop FO Items][Fair GamePlay][8k-9k Max Stats Build Based][Balanced PvP PvM][CS Everyday][Pentagram,Muun,Mu Roomy][New Sets Wings][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Resets Vote Rewards][Long Term Server][No Lag][Instant Online Support] PLAY WITH US NOW
Angelsmu New server x2000 15 December
AngelsMu Season 9 Full, 4 Servers: x10 No res, x25 No Donate, x2000 High, x9999 MAX, New features Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets, Spots on minimap, Referral system, Players Market, Grand reset, Vote reward! Freebies on all servers for new players! 1500+ Online 24/7, New server x2000 Grand Opening...
Fusion MuOnline
24/7 Season6 Episode4 Custom - Exp 2000x- Drop 50% - Happy Hour Exp +250x Drop +25% - Bonus Gift Box Drop - BC/DS/CC Bonus Exp & Jewel Drop, Bonus EXP - Exclusive Grand Hero System & Brotherhood System - Custom Rare Item Ticket System - Custom Referral System - VIP Advantages -
X25 No Webshop,Ultra PvP, Running For More Than a Year Now, Working Castle Siege, Limited X Shop, Decreased Seal/Pet Exp, Limited Stat Points, Balanced PvP, Beginner Bonus, Achievement System, Castle Building System, Improved Market, [Experience MU Like Never Before]
Season 13
Meridian MU Season 6 Episode 3 X1000
Challenging Game Design, Exp: 1000x - Drops: 50% Max ML 200 - ML Exp: 50x , Dynamic Exp & Dynamic Reset, Play2WIN, All items can be hunt, Lots of Promo OPEN BETA STARTS OCTOBER 2
PrideMU High Rate Server
PrideMU is The Merged Server of GrudgeMU & FortressMU. High Exp Rate Server. Automated PVP Events. Friendly Community. Balanced PVP Settings. Advanced Anti Cheat Syste. Weekly Castle Siege. Massive PVP Server.
NewEra Mu / NewEra Mu - Season 8Ep3 / x200 EXP / DROP:30% - NO WEB SHOP - NONE ECONOMIC - FREE FOR ALL
eClipse MuOnline S6E3 - Non-Rebirth - HARCORE GAMEPLAY
Well Developed Server, Limited Cash Shop, Limited 3 Exc Options, No OP Items, Balanced PvP and PvM, Fully Working Master Skill Tree, No OP Characters, Fully Working Events, HARDCORE Settings, Castle Siege Every Week, Guaranteed Stability and Long term, Nice & Active Admins. Old School Community
Season 6 Episode 3
Kings Of MU
KingsofMU Season 6 Episode 3,Nationality: Filipino Server,Experience: 5000,Max Master Level: 400,Server Drop Rate: 70%,Success Rate: 60%,Game Play Mode: and Farming,Maximum Level for Reset: 400,Maximum Stats: 32767 [Bugless],Anti Cheat Protected,Game Play Spots : Fast Level Up.
Legacy Games Network - Mu Online
Legacy Games Network - Mu Season 6 Episodio 3 - Exp: 50x - Drop: 40% - PVP Balanced - All Events 100% - CashShop sin venta de items - OffSystem - Dinamic Reset Exp - VoteSystem - Files Premium - GRAND OPENING: 30/3/2018
S6 Ep3 Season 6 Episode 3 Dynamic Exp Balanced 50x Season6 MuOnline