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Event MuOnline x 1000 Opening 21 December
Global MU Online project Event MuOnline Season 3 Episode 10 has no analogues in the world. Many innovations and thoughtful solutions to improve the gameplay. Look at MU Online in a new way!
Season 3 mofidied x1000
MU Imperial 097D 099I Opening 11 05 2019
Opening 11/05/2019 Server for real veterans MU ONLINE 097D-099I + New Exclusive Items Exp: x15, Drop: 30%
World Mu Online - a new project Season 3 based on Season 6, which has already won the hearts of players around the world. This is a familiar world with old school Chronicles, 5 classes and castle capture, but the game has a number of features. - Accelerated pumping and auto-combat function; - Self-s...
Season 3 mofidied 35x