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Mu Online Private Servers in Germany

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Infinity MU Online - Season 3 EP1
BOX +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Shop, EXP:99999x, Daily GM Events (F.O. Prizes), Working Castle Siege, Mass Spawns, Grand Resets each 100rr, No Bugs, No Lags, Easy/fun Gameplay. Box, Jewels, Wings in Shop. WebShop. Biggest MU Community. Advanced Anti Cheat. Online without wipes for 10 Years and More to Come! ...
ZenixMU Season 13 Multi Servers
Season 13 MuOnline
MuOnline Bound Games Season 13
Dynamic experience from 8x till 50x on highest levels. Custom invasions to prepare you for strongest bosses. Ruud Invasions, Friendly spots, No Resets, Offlevel mode On, Offtrade, Official IGCN Server files, Improved Boss rewards, Vote reward monthly and daily, NO VIP! Free to Play, become King!
ThatMu Online PVP 1000x No Reset Server
1000 exp no reset pvp based server with hardened pvm SEASON 8 balanced and progressive, default drops no spots, Goblin Points currency, valuable Zen. Various website rewards and tools. Join Today and be in Top Tomorrow.
MU Soul Season 6 Episode 3
Welcome to Mu Soul Season 6 Episode 3 Max Level 400 No Reset Server build Stats battle EXP 20 Max item Option 3 Max Socket Option 3 Play to Win System Drop rate 30%

Servers 6-19

MuDarkLand [S9 Ep2 IGCN BattleCore 90x 80% No-Res Balanced PVP Castel Siege]
MuDarkLand Season 9 Ep 2 IGCN BattleCore Server without donate items, only vip and limited in-game shop! Version: S9.5 Experience: x90 - DYNAMIC Master experience: x80 Drop: 80% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 330 Points per master level: 1 Rewards Goblin Point: 1GP * 10 Min online No-Rese...
IgnitionMU S9E2
S9E2 65000STATS - Battle Core l Offtrade l Reconnect System l +100 online l Nice Drop Settings l Castle Siege l Arka War
Ma3x MuOnline Season 8 Episode 2 + Customs Normal Exp: x8 Master Exp: x8 Drop Chance: 25% Maximum Lvl: 400 Maximum ML: 320 Points per Lvl: 5/6/7 (default) Monster\'s HP: 100% Bosses HP: GMO-like Party Bonus System: GMO-like Goblin Points: 2/hour Server Hosted in Germany, Europe. Server Language: E...