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Location United States
Versions 1.13
Types MCMMO Survival Economy PvE PvP


Welcome to MonkeyMC, a community base survival experience! Server information: 50k Border BRAND NEW MAP! Grief Prevention! Parties to play together! Crates! Auctions! Jobs! /wild to teleport to a random location! DeathChest - when you die you have 30 minutes to find your chest to get your ? goods! SILKSPAWNERS! ?Lots to do here at MonkeyMC! *Why you should join us!?? ??MonkeyMC is a great place to come join and meet new people! This server has a very casual down to earth nature where we treat you how you treat everyone else. If you're a good nice person and you have an issue the staff and members are always there to give a helping hand! Come give us a try and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay! *Not just another server! ?? Here at MonkeyMC we strive for a very close community where everyone helps out everyone and if you have a problem we have a very good staff who is there to help when you need it!

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