Minetown - Mining since 09/2010 !


Server online 24/7 Rules and moderated server. 99% grief free Blocks/region protection Numerous cities and towns Factions and alliances Multiple worlds: WarWorld, Nether Warps and homes commands Teleport features for donators (have to accept teleportation) MarketPlace where you can sell items while doing something else or being offline. Bank vaults (100% safe) LWC protections (protect your own doors, chests, furnaces) Lottery every 24 hours ! 6000 radius world and 6 month old server. More than 600 registered members. Always updated. Craftbook (gates, bridges, ICs and more...) Public/multiplayer building projects (coming soon) NPCs and quests (coming soon) Coliseum and weekly PVP/PVE events (coming soon) Other nice plugins

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