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Connect to OC Factions using this IP: hub.obsidiancraft.com, and type /factions! Or, you can direct connect using factionsbypass.obsidiancraft.com! __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ObsidianCraft Factions is one of the 7 servers that ObsidianCraft has to offer to suit your favorite game type. Across our servers, we use a custom version of Bukkit and support 5000 players, all connected on a cloud based system. Hop on, and let us welcome you to what has been one of Minecraft's greatest communities for over two years! Experience factions on a whole new level in ObsidianCraft, with immense competition between friends and foes. ObsidianCraft Factions offers the following features, and many more for your enjoyment. - Faction NPC's and Faction Houses - Auctions - mcMMO - Obsidian Destroyer - Player Heads - Silk Spawners - And many more! Visit our website, www.ObsidianCraft.com. Register for our forums and gain access to posting and creating threads and the ability to purchase a rank for as little as $10 USD!

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