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Top Minecraft Servers Ranked By Server Popularity.

CubeCraft Games
CubeCraft is one of the absolute largest servers in the world. We strive to make the best and most entertaining games and bring the most fun to our players. Our servers are online 24/7 and are able to handle thousands of players online simultaneously...
Survival Games Mini Games Skywars PvE PvP
Hypixel Minecraft
Choose the Hypixel Minecraft Server network! with over 35 unique games such as The Walls, Megawalls, Warlords and Blitz Survival Games! Hypixel Minecraft server has a great friendly community and the administrators work very hard to bring you new a...
1.12 Creative Mini Games PvP Skywars Survival Games
SkyRealms - Most popular Skyblock server
SkyRealms is the most popular Skyblock Minecraft server in the world! Build your own unique sky realms and invite your friends! Fully custom server with upgradable gear. Join us now!
1.12.2 Skywars Economy PvE PvP Skyblock
Mine Heroes
Version 1.7-1.12+ Just Reset - MineHeroes Mega Minecraft Server Network has: Prison, Creative, Factions, OPFactions, SkyBlock, Survival, 1v1 PvP, OPPVP, , Minigames: Swarm, SG, SkyWars, UHC and more! Do as thousands of other players, Join Today!
1.13 Prison Skyblock Survival Creative Factions
Desteria Minecraft
Desteria is one of the most popular Minecraft servers out there! with features such as Custom Level System, Custom Class System, Realms, Lottery, Markets, Amazing Stuff, Holograms, Anti Loot Stealing, Custom Tokens, Voting Systems, Combat Logging, Re...
1.12.2 Economy Factions PvE PvP Raiding

Servers 6-19

PvP Wars Minecraft was released March 25th of 2017 and made up of several servers. We have lots of knowledge and experience on how to host unique, fun and popular servers! Our Current Servers: - Skyblock - Factions Join Today!
1.12 MCMMO Skyblock PvP Economy Factions
Inferno Prison
Inferno Prison is a non-hardcore, non-op prison server. It\'s the in between that keeps the momentum going for the fun to last! Inferno Prison is a non-hardcore, non-op prison server. It\'s the in between that keeps the momentum going for the fun to ...
1.13 PvP Economy Survival Prison
We are newly open tis server Pls Support US and have FUN. Sry just now we only have Suvival Mode due to our still new in Server we will add more Mode if our support have increase TY if have any suggestion can email:[email protected] nongho...
Piper Moomin
A mad new server named after a mad cat! It has a multitude of plugins highly configured with many worlds you can RTP to. We have yet to build a spaw, there is a full working admin shopfor all to use with everything you could possibly need or want. Ta...
A good server, a lot of plug-ins.
Chrome Net
Chrome network is back from the dead. An CRACKED Server, We have a growing community with alot of past players and new players and we haven\\\'t even fully published the server! We have about 30+ plugins with custom donator ranks. This is a 1.6.4 ser...
Weeaboo Pixels Survival
Fresh survival server keeping it simple like the good old days. Mcmmo/Towny/Jobs
PvP Economy Survival
Astrid Minecraft
[1.11.2] [Fresh Server] [24/7] [Survival] [Bukkit] [Gold Droppable on monster] [Economy] [Shops] [Protections] [Anti Grief Tools] [Friendly Community] Hosted in United States - Run using CraftBukkit plugins - Economy and shops to buy and sell items! ...
Minetown - Mining since 09/2010 !
20000+ Members - 24/7 - Dedicated - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - Events - Multiple worlds - Market and Economy - Grief free - Huge world - Region protection - Nice community - Nice plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - Mature staff - Po...
Require Hamachi at the moment.
SkaiaCraft Cracked Faction PVP
IP: PLAY.SKAIA.US We have 5 server IPs to choose from Factions & Hub - Vanilla server - Creative server - Hunger Games server - Paintball server - Why should you join SkaiaCra...
1.9 1.8.4
SXRCraft Prosperus - HUGE CUSTOM BIOMES / 1.7.9
[] [1.7.9] [MAP -] [320kbps RADIO, live requests!] [Omniscient Admins] [Huge Continents] [Daily Events] [VIP] [Anti-Grief/Hack] [Mumble - port 4262] [Forums] [Special Abilities] [Spells] [Quests] [THE O...
*******************************************HGMCraft Announcements************************************************ Legendary Idea Server Ever Made Was Now Born! HGMCraft is Now Officially Online. IP: Ver: 1.8.8 The 1st Fully Real MMORPG...
POOM Minecraft Server
Build vast wars in our custom minecraft experience
Pure PVP - Join the Battle!
PvP & Raiding are the main aspects of the server along with our player driven economy. You can earn in-game cash by simply selling items at our market or by trading with other players. We are always seeking ways to improve to increase your gaming...
[1.10.2] [Wiped 12/4/14] [24/7] [Survival] [Bukkit] [Ranks] [Economy] [Shops] [Protections] [Anti Grief Tools] [Helpful Staff] [Friendly Community] Hosted in Dallas Texas USA - 2560MB RAM - Dual Intel Xeon 56XX Series - Run using CraftBukkit plugin...
GreenGames NaBani [Minecraft][SURVIVAL]
GreenGames NaBani [Minecraft][SURVIVAL][PVP] Welcome !
El Craftbukkit de GameServersLatinos
Veni a jugar a minecraft en tu idioma. Invita a tus amigos!
Your Survival World
Join Deze Zeer Leke Minetopia Server
[1.6.2] Opticraft - 1.6.2
Opticrafts Officials SMP Server. [Minecraft 1.6.2] [Economy] [Market] [Chest protection] [Land protection] [Lag free] [Friendly and helpful Staff] [Survival]. This is opticrafts official SMP server, give it a go! IP:
SolidRock Minecraft Server
solidrock's minecraft/prison server
[1.6.2] HQCraft! Survival Server :
HQCraft is back New and Improved! [Minecraft 1.6.2] [Economy] Friendly and helpful Staff] [Survival]. Still fixing bugs everyday! give it a go! IP:
McNox Skyblock 24/7 1.5.1 Welcome to McNox Skyblock! We have been around for quite some time now! We are always up and 24/7 on a dedicated server! There is always room for new
ObsidianCraft Factions
Connect to OC Factions using, and type /factions! ______________________________________________ Across our servers, we use a custom version of Bukkit and support 5000 players, all connected on a cloud based system. Experienc...
[Griefing Allowed Or Not In Plots] MineyCraftey
absolutely no possibility of cheating of any kind - try as hard as you like griefing allowed - in 8 worlds or not in protected plots creative plots skyblock hunger games mob arena
FutureCraft BR (1.6.4) (Dedicado e Sem Lag)
Servidor Dedicado Sem lag, Servidor sobrevivência com Arena PVP, Plugins de Proteção e Muitos Outros...
Under the ObsidianCraft Cloud, there are 4 different servers, Main SMP, Hardcore SMP, Survival Games, and most recently, a Faction server Join our 5000 slot server and experience exactly what ObsidianCraft is all about
IP: PWING [ MCMMO ] [ FIRE SPELLS ] [ DUNGEONS ] [ WORLD BOSSES ] [ UNIQUE + HEALTH STATS ] [ MEET THE REAPER ] [ HIDE n SEEK ] [ HUNGER GAMES ] [ CTF ] [ MOB ARENAS ]Choose to be a Common Ranger or a Great Sorcerer
Server Name: AeriaCraft Server Location: Ontario, Canada Version: 1.13 Official Release (Semi-Vanilla) Server\'s Rules: - No griefing - No stealing - No hacks/modded clients - No cheating - PVP is dependent on both players agreeing - Discord...
1.13 PvP PvE Survival Creative
blaze games
Amazing uptime 99.99 and we have 24/7 staff day and night we have 4 games currently are COD Zombies, Mob Arena, Survival, CTW. Adventure, Survival, Mini Games, And More!
- Stable and strong root-server, - Economy system - Chest protection - Teamspeak3 Server - Dynmap availible. ( )- Shopping Center - Casino - Auction house - Mobarena for gladiator fights! (planned) - Protected by McBans and NoCheatPl...
Janecraft network
Hey guys join my awesome server! We've got Skyblock, Factions, & more!
Multiple serves with lots of friendly and staff along with many server features such as PVP, PVE, SURIVAL, MINIGAMES, A UNIQUE FEEL, TOWNY, FRIENDLY MOBS, AND MUCH MORE! JOIN TODAY Websites: IP: mc.project...
Awesome server for building and hanging out. No griefing. Factions, casino, mcmmo, arena, and much more! Super friendly staff to help new players.
SedexCraft [Cracked] [1.7.2]
[Cracked] [PVP] [Towny] [Survival] [Creative] [Skyblock] [No whitelist] [mcMMO] [No Lag] [24/7] [Friendly staff] [LWC] [Spleef] [ChestShops] IP:
Grumpy Craft Cracked Minecraft Server
IP: Grumpycraft is a cracked, no whitelist server. We have plugins such as: -World Edit -Factions -Jobs -Chestshop - MORE Achieve ranks in this order: BOTTOM-Guest Member Junior Senior Adept Honor Builder Perf...
Utopia is a server that will give you an amazing experience in Minecraft - that you will never forget. We provide a range of cool features for our players to encourage players to choose us. We are a survival server, but we are also so much more...