DenMS v83 [Progressive Rates] - Mac & Linux Compatible


v83 private server based on HeavenMS source code and EdenMS's CMS website (praise be to all those developers on  Added PvP mode.  MAC & Linux Client provided too!  Discord server link added.  Progressive EXP, drops, and mesos.  NO donations accepted ever! Long time and active members will be given extra commands and abilities.  CASH Shop works via points gathered by fighting monsters, NO need to vote constantly (although voting awards NX too...)!

Website has been tweaked to include more up-to-date security, safety features, and changed a few design elements.  A user forum is included for discussion offline from the game.  I will be WZ modding and re-scripting NPCs and adding new monsters, graphics, and maps BUT currently it is only GMS like with no added features other than PvP mode.

Votes - This month