Windia ~ Mac/Linux Compatible ~ Progressive Rates ~ No HP Washing


v83 with custom balancing, client mods, and more. Refer to #teasers and our updates channels to see some of our changes.


Level 1-9 (+ Maple Island): 1x
Level 10-29: 20x
Level 30-49: 35x
Level 50-69: 50x
Level 70-99: 75x
Level 100-149: 90x
Level 150-250: 100x
Holy Symbol requires a full party for the entire EXP rate bonuses it grants.
Rates are 2x the listed values during open beta.

Quest EXP: 3x
Mesos: GMS Reboot's mesos formula.
Drop: Custom drop table.

Custom features?

Client: Higher level cap, general bug fixes, custom resolution, proper anticheat, compatibility fixes, 24 day system uptime bug fix, client hacks such as several stat caps being removed, never seen before gameplay changes, custom font, hacks to increase performance, configuration file.

Server: Rebirth flames, VIP benefits, skill changes, universal gachapon, level 250, linked stats/Maple Legion, crusader codex and functional monster book, item vac, quest stat rewards, instant boat rides, minimal lag, Discord integration, increased HP gain, fast spawn rate, boosted mob density. And of course, active development.

VIP benefits?

At the moment; free use of @goto (normal users have a cooldown), multi-stacking items can stack to at least 1000, using Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant will not consume the item, 60% discount (mesos and NX) on VIP Teleport Rock, @buffme applies Echo of Hero/Bless/Haste/Hyper Body. VIP members get access to item filter (@filter) as well, and a special role on our Discord server.
There will be character VIP, and account-wide VIP in a separate bundle.


I can't start the game, help!

* Are you getting a popup box saying "unspecified error" when you start the game client? If so, open the windia.ini file in the game's directory and adjust the width/height of the game client to a resolution your display monitor supports. Make sure to save the file! Commonly used values are 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1920x1080 etc. The UIs are designed around the default settings and this setting exists for compatibility purposes.
* In rare occasions, your hardware might be incompatible with our Windows compatibility fixes. See if setting Windia.exe to Windows 7 compatibility mode fixes the issue.
* Please download and install the x86 version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 RC3 Redistributable from the following website:
* Add the game files' directory to your antivirus' exclusions folder. We use an unpacked MapleStory client, which triggers false positives due to the original client being digitally signed by Nexon. Our files are 100% clean.


The game closes on me with an error message during gameplay

Are you running any unlawful tools alongside the game? Cheat tools or applications that interfere with the game's data can and will trigger security measurements within Windia. If this happens to you as a legit user, please contact a Windia admin/developer so we can work together and fix such issues.


How do I get Windia credits?

Our credits system works in a very simplified way. You purchase a Windia credits serial key from our e-commerce merchant (
You will automatically receive an email containing the serial key(s) within less than 2 minutes after placing your order.
To redeem the keys in-game, you simply visit the Free Market and talk to the NPC Inkwell. Inkwell will ask you for the key (demo video: and will credit your account after validating it.
Our Shoppy page can be found here:


Rebirth Flames?

Powerful Rebirth Flames are dropped from mobs and bosses. Eternal Rebirth Flames are the rarest Gachapon loot. You can use them on any upgradable-able equip, and it will gain bonus stats according to its level. Eternal Rebirth Flame is guaranteed to give a boost to all stats, while Powerful Rebirth Flame is only guaranteed to boost 1 stat, but may do more. Powerful Rebirth Flame can give tier 1-7 on each eligible stat, while Eternal Rebirth Flame rolls tier 4-10 on each stat.



I get "Windia.dll was not found" or error code 0x0F when starting the game client

Add the game's folder to your antivirus/Windows Defender exclusions; or disable them.
Afterwards, visit and download the missing file to the game directory.


Crusader Codex Stats?

Your codex has various stats on it. Where do they come from? It's time to unveil the mysteries! Some glossary: Unique cards are cards you've collected at least once. Total cards are cards you've collected overall; a finished set means 5 total cards. Sets are 5 cards of the same monster. Legion level is your total account level, see it by using @legion in-game.

STR/DEX/INT/LUK: Unique tier 7 cards + amount of tier 7 sets + unique tier 8 cards + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + total amount of tier 9 cards. After this is applied, on top of this your legion level / 10 is added as percentage.
Weapon Attack: Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + (quests completed / 2.5 = capped to 100)
Magic Attack: (Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets) * 1.5 + (quests completed / 1.75 = capped to 150)
Max HP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets
Max MP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets + unique tier 1 cards
Accuracy, Weapon DEF, Magic DEF: Total amount of collected cards across all tiers
Speed: Amount of tier 4 sets + amount of tier 5 sets + amount of tier 6 sets + (total amount of unique cards across all tiers / 100)
Jump: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers / 10
Avoidability: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers + total amount of unique cards across all tiers

TL;DR finish every card set to hit hard on every character you have :)

VIP roles? (Discord)

If you have registered using the Discord bot, you will automatically (and instantly!) receive the VIP role(s).
If you have registered through the website, link your account to Discord by using the @discord command in-game. Note: As of writing this post, the command is not on the live server. It will be available as soon as we launch the server officially.
VIP members get access to a closed #vip chat, and a separated role on the members list.


I get the GFX bug in bosses or I want a black background

Open windia.ini in the game's folder and tweak the settings for your choice. The most common settings are no_map_backgrounds = 1 to remove the backgrounds and no_map_fade_effect = 1 to remove the animation when moving between one map to another.

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