Orchid - Pre-BB with a Post-BB Twist [LAUNCHED TODAY] [MAC]


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Location Canada
Posted By Maple Twist
Versions v65
Types No P2W Low Rate NoVote2Win Mac Compatible Nostalgic


Welcome to Orchid!

Below, you will find a list of features found in the game. The server source is based off of KMS v1.2.65, which roughly translates to about MSEA v65. However, in this server you will find that there is content which is normally only found in post-Big Bang versions of MapleStory. Therefore, Orchid is essentially a server with pre-Big Bang gameplay with additional post-Big Bang content. 

Current Feature List


  • All skills are fully functional, including Maker & Mu Lung Dojo skills. (Explorers Only)
  • NX Gain from mobs
  • All job advancements are fully functional and GMS-like.
  • Boat rides are fully functional and GMS-like.
  • Korean UI elements continually being translated (> 95% complete)
  • 3rd-person critical hits are displayed.
  • Mini-games are fully functional.
  • Family system is functional, excluding family buffs.
  • Guild alliances are functional.
  • Duey Delivery System is fully functional.
  • Monster Book is functional (not fully translated)
  • 6x Quest experience rate.
  • Every general quest line is fully functional.
  • Every 4th job skill book quest is fully functional.
  • Quest items will only be visible if its respective quest is active.
  • Kill counters are fully functional.
  • NPC finder is functional.
  • Quest helper is functional.
  • Monster Riding skill quests are functional.
  • Reworked level-up HP/MP gain formula (No requirement to HP wash for bossing).
  • Custom permanent HP/MP boost system - Exchange Peridots (rare global drop) for HP/MP increases in the Slime Menu.
  • Enhancement system - Exchange Glacier Cores (global drop) to improve your equipment stats (similar to GMS enhancement system) in the Slime Menu.
  • Golden Maple Leaves (obtained from bossing) prevent an item from being destroyed by a failed enhance one time.
  • Maple Tree (Slime Menu > Warp) - Grow the Maple Tree with Sunshines, which explodes when enough are turned in.
  • Secret Recipes (Slime Menu > Crafting and Secret Recipes) - exchange a Lost Confidential Document to get ONE peek at a secret recipe; craft new items!
  • Portable Storage (Slime Menu > Storage) - Access your storage from almost anywhere!
  • Free Market warp (Slime Menu > Warp) - Warp to the FM from almost anywhere!
  • Return to your previous map with the "Return" button in the warp menu.
  • Town warp (Slime Menu > Warp) - Warp to certain towns for a Meso fee.
  • Rank system (Slime Menu > Ranking) - Check rankings in-game.
  • Quest Ranking system (@questranking command) - Check quest rankings in-game.
  • Blessing of the Fairy (Slime Menu > Blessing) - Exchange Peridots to level up the skill!
  • Leveling up an alternate character will NOT level up the skill.
  • Party Play Experience Bonuses

Party Quests

  • Henesys (HPQ) (Lv. 10-200, 3-6 members)
  • Kerning City (KPQ) (Lv. 21-200, 3-6 members)
  • Monster Carnival (CPQ) (Lv. 31-70, 2x2-3 members) - Buffed EXP
  • Ludibrium (LPQ) (Lv. 35-200, 5-6 members) - Buffed EXP 
  • Orbis (OPQ) (Lv. 51-200, 5-6 members) - Buffed EXP 
  • Pirate (PPQ) (Lv. 55-100, 3-6 members) - Buffed EXP 
  • Ellin Forest (EPQ) (Lv. 45-200, 4 members) 
  • Romeo & Juliet (RJPQ) (Lv. 71-200, 4 members) - Buffed EXP rewards
  • Sharenian Guild PQ (GPQ)
  • Mu Lung Dojo (solo + party) - Expanded reward lists
  • Zakum Pre-Quest (ZPQ)
  • Horntail Pre-Quest (HTPQ)
  • Amoria PQ (APQ) (Lv. 40-200, 6 members, must be married)
  • Dragon Rider PQ (DRPQ) (Lv. 100+, 3-6 members)
  • Various party quests will reward you with PQ Points - Exchange these with the NPC in FM!


  • Zakum
  • Chaos Zakum
  • Horntail
  • Pink Bean
  • Ravana (Level 70-110)
  • Von Leon (Level 120+)
  • Targa/Scarlion
  • Castellan Toad
  • Krexel


  • Coke Town
  • Thai Market
  • Taiwan
  • Shanghai
  • Night Market
  • Zipangu/Showa
  • Golden Temple
  • Custom mini-dungeons (lv60-90 mobs) + Ravana raid
  • Temple of Time
  • Lionheart Castle
  • Custom stat LHC mobs (lv13x mobs) + Von Leon raid
  • Mushroom Castle
  • Kerning Square
  • Chryse
  • Neo City
  • New Leaf City
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Phantom Forest
  • Crimsonwood Mountain/Keep
  • Malaysia
  • Ulu City
  • Singapore
  • Ninja Castle
  • Gold Beach
  • Crimsonheart Castle
  • Stone Colossus

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