Old School Maple [OSM] - The Real Nostalgic MapleStory [v9] [Progressive] [2x-1x EXP] [1x Drop]


What is Old School Maple?
Old School Maple is a MapleStory private server which aims to provide the most authentic and nostalgic GMS circa 2005-2007 MapleStory experience. Back in the days when there was no 4th job, leeching/HP washing, unbalanced content, etc.
We achieve this goal by having progressive content. Progressive content means that, unlike other servers, we continuously add new maps and areas gradually over time so that players have new features to look forward to rather than having everything be available all at once. This gives players the true nostalgic experience by being able to relive their MapleStory childhood as it evolved between 2005 and 2007. This also gives players an opportunity to experience everything that old school MapleStory had to offer, something that has been lost in servers that have everything available from the start.
We will begin with v0.01 and we plan to update content up to v0.39 (meaning no 4th job!) and then afterwards, only add content based upon community approval. The reason that we are doing this is to maintain balanced gameplay as we believe that content such as NLC ruined the game with overpowered potions and mobs. We are also a non vote-to-win server, meaning that all Cash Shop items are cosmetics only.
Join the community and live out your childhood today! https://play.oldschoolmaple.com
OSM's Main Website: https://oldschoolmaple.com
OSM's Discord: http://discord.oldschoolmaple.com
OSM's Forums: https://forum.oldschoolmaple.com

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