MapleRohen - [Wiped on 7 December] [HP WASH OPTIONAL] [PQPoints]


MapleRohen - [GMS-like v83] the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! Updates: Weekly updates which include New items / features Are you looking for the best OldSchool Maplestory experience? Join us Today! [100% working skills] [All jobs skill changes] [Unique changes] [Custom content] [HP Wash Optional] [New NX items /Hairs/ Chairs] [Item Leveling]: Every equips can level up to 7. Each level will give you 1 to 3 bonus stats EXP Rate: 4x QuestRates: 8x Meso: 3x Drop: 2x BossDropRate:3 BigCake Event! is back to MapleStory. Items that can be obtained from the big cake: - Plates -Ores -Buff Potions -Secret Spell Scroll ( 4th job Adv ETC to skip Bosses killing) -Scrolls PQ points system! No need to grind alone any more! And much More in Game! Join us Today!!

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