MapleRetro [2x][1x][2x] [Coming Soon] [HD Client]


~ MapleRetro ~

the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist!

EXP Rate: 2x

QuestRates: 4x

Meso: 2x

Drop: 1x 


[GMS-like v83] 

~ Features ~
No Aran / Cygnus Only Explorers Experience!.
Working PQs 100% (Normal Client)
ITCG Box can be obtained from: Bosses / Events
Global Drops: Gachphon tickets / Item Megaphone / 250NX-100NX Cards / VIP Teleport rock 
Custom NX, Hairs, Faces, from V200+.
Gain 4Slots All Inv every 20 levels.
Vote Points NPC Vote Points NPC GTOP (Can Vote 3 Times a Day each vote is 1VP 4K-NX)
                                                        TOPG (Can Vote 3 Times a Day each vote is 1VP 2K-NX)
NO HP WASH (Max HP Gain at level up Multiplied by 1.5).
Leeching - to leech on our server you should be 7 levels below monster level and range of 30 levels with the attacker.
Party share Exp- multiplied by 1.3(edited)

[Item Leveling]: Every equips can level up only 2 levels. Each level will give you 1 to 3 bonus stats .



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