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Location United Kingdom
Posted By Saleem Enigma
Versions V62
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Greetings everybody,

We're happy to announce our MapleStory private game server is up and currently at Open Beta stage. MapleMyth promises a nostalgic GMS-Like experience with bleeding edge software and active development timeline.

Besides, we're proud to have our own java-based source developed and running on the latest version of Java 11 that includes a modern client server framework which is Netty (up-to-date) to manage all network applications efficiently.

You are welcomed to join the party and introduce yourself on our forums. Stay tuned!

GMS-Like Features:

  • All Job Advancements and skills.
  • Transportation: Ellinia, Orbis, Ludi, Singapore, NLC, etc.
  • All Hired Merchant and Regular Store Permit Features.
  • Fully Working Mini Game Rooms: Omok, Match Cards.
  • Party Quests: KPQ/LPQ.
  • Cash Shop functionality is identical to GMS.
  • Pets, Evolution, Mounts, Monster Riding, etc.
  • All Multi-Pet functions and features are working perfectly.
  • All Rings: Friendship & Crush Effects.
  • All Mini Bosses: Mano, Stumpy, etc.
  • All Inventory Sorting Features.
  • All NPC Shops: Hair, Face, Eyes, Items, etc.
  • Roll the dice for new characters.
  • Packages delivery with Duey.
  • Many more, find out now because the server is meant to be extremely GMS-Like.

Server Location: Europe

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in our forums or discord, thank you.

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