MapleHelios [5x-2x-2x] [Mac Compatible]


A v62 based server made by members of the community who wanted a breath of fresh air. Our friendly and helpful staff aim to make the game about you and your choices - write your own story today. Our features list includes immersive questlines in Mushroom Castle and Ellin Forest, player favourite areas like Malaysia, Crimsonwood Keep, Neo Tokyo and Ninja Castle, equipment rewards for questing, exploration and more, useful player commands to help players know more about their damage output and experience gain, and constant improvements to the game. You can even play your favourite class more meaningfully now that we've made tons of improvements to the historically weaker classes, including both damage buffs and quality of life changes to make any class worth playing! More than that, no longer will your character gear improvements be based around Gachapon; certain bosses will drop White Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls! Speaking of bosses, our unique HP Boss Tour encourages and rewards players for defeating bosses, with certain ones dropping spirits that will permanently raise a character's HP far past the point that those bosses will ever be dangerous again. Lastly, if you get tired of the grind, hit the Hub button on your UI and relax in our beautiful custom Helios Hub, complete with a music box to play your favourite Maplestory music at your leisure. Join the new age of the old age and register with Helios today!

Join our Discord server by clicking here to ask any questions you may have directly!

Check out our rebalanced classes by taking a look at this forum thread!

Take a look at our full Features Guide over here, while you're at it!

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