MapleBeta v40b - A Nostalgic Maplestory experience


MapleBeta is a v0.40B Maplestory private server that was launched in late 2016 to undergo it's closed beta phase. The server was later wiped and released on 7-15-2017. We strive to make sure that this server is what you expect it to be, so expect updates and bug fixes to ensure a seamless play style. We have also added a bit of content from additional versions to prevent gameplay from getting stale but made sure to keep everything balanced in every way, making sure to stay as GMS-like as possible.
V0.40B is the first version of MapleStory before it was released into the public in 2005 as V.01. It contains all of the content you want it to have, from maple island to omega sector, cash shop, 3rd job, and party quests.
MapleBetas goal is to provide a 2005-2006 Maplestory experience with low rates,
challenging game-play and a very friendly and active community. The biggest focus we have is making you, the player, feel as if they never need another server again, by giving you the most memorable nostalgia through a new experience.  

This server is not and never will be a 'Pay To Win'. So players cannot gain any unfair advantages over anyone by donating. Everybody starts and ends on the same playing-field and you don't have to worry about markets getting saturated from bought gear. Donating gets you NX cash which you can only spend on cosmetics, we offer no 2x cards or game-breaking items like cubes
Seasonal Events
1x Exp, Meso & Drop Rate.
GMS-like job advancements for 1st, 2nd & 3rd classes.
All working quests are functional with Dialog tab(q)
All 1st through 3rd job skills working
Kerning City PQ + Bonus Stage is available from levels 21-35.
Ludibrium PQ + Bonus Stage is available from level 35-60.
All transportation is GMS-like (e.g. boats to towns).
Mushroom Shrine/Showa, El Nath, Ludibrium, Deep Ludi, Omega
Player Shops
GMS-like drops
Maple Point rewards for reaching 2nd job.
Vote point reward shop with stat resets and more
Cash shop clothing from later versions
and much more to meet all your nostalgic dreams!
We are currently going through closed Beta for an upcoming update. Our overall goal this time around is to become a server with QoL improvements that Nexon has added, without breaking the game by importing the rest of the mistakes they've made. We aim to do Nexon better then they did. We feel that they started down a very good path but ended up at a very wrong one by moving past QoL and focusing on nothing but game-breaking content. That's where we aim to do the right thing and produce QoL without breaking the Nostalgia that you know and love. Updates on this front will be posted to the discord and main website when they are available. 


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