Maple`Impact 83 4x 8x Exp



Brand new server epic' old school, best gameplay. Give Maple'Impact server a shot. You will not regret it. Learn, tips


SMOOTH GAMEPLAY - TWISTED! EQUIPMENT LEVELUP Unique GAMEPLAY Rates Exp 4x 8x - Mesos 2x - Drops 2x 4x - Quest Boosted - Party 12x - Ultimate PS - Challenging game-play - Critical Attack. Rings Effect - Party Bonus - Omok Match Cards - PQs - Guild War - GuildPQ - Transportation - Leveling Guide - Impact Shops - Guild Alliance systems fully operational - Custom - Fun - Mini Dungeon - BossRushPQ - Features - BALANCED NO PAY2WIN DREAM CHARACTER - Clean System 0.83 :

Old school -recreate of something special in old times
Re-made drops,maps,npc,bosses, 
(Many more from where that came from, so why not try our server t-today and invite you'r friends.

* BalrogPQ semi-functional.
* Brand-new PQ: Boss Rush PQ 100%.
* Expeditions: Scarga/Horntail 100%.
* CWKPQ as Expedition-based event 100%.
* HPQ/KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/OPQ/EllinPQ/PiratePQ/HorntailPQ 100%.
* GuildPQ 100% + Guild queue with multi-lobby systems available.
* Capt. Latanica remade as an event (parties can now fight the boss). 

* Doll house quest 100%.
* Quests can now reward properly items when matching a reward item with the player's job.
* Loads of quests have been patched.

Player Social Network:
* Guild and Alliance system fully functional.

* EXP/DROP/Cosmetic Coupons 100%.
* EXP/DROP coupons now appears as a buff effect when on active time.
* Great deal of cash items functional.

PQ potentials:
* Lobby system - Multiple PQ instances on same channel.
* Guild queue system - Guilds can register themselves on a queue for the GPQ.
* Expedition system - Multiples parties can attempt on a same instance (lobbies and expeds are mutually-exclusive).

Server potentials:
* Multi-worlds 100%.
* Adventurer Mount quests 100%.
* All Equipment levels up.
* Player level rates.
* Gain fame by quests.
* Every monsterbook card is now droppable by overworld mobs.
* Added Boss HP Bar for dozens of bosses.
* Custom jail system.
* Delete Character 100% (requires ENABLE_PIC activated).
* New commands.

* Custom: Free Market design.
* Re-design Temple of time.
* Added all portals & bosses (Temple of time).
* Remade (Temple of time) Monsters - and drops.
* Zakum/Horntail/Pinkbean fully working 100%
* Added many missing monster and reactor drop data, shop items and others.

* Added Rebirth or (No) Rebirth.

* And many, many others features available!



@dispose: Fixes your character if it is stuck.
@online: Displays a list of all online players.
@gm : Sends a message to all online GMs in the case of an emergency.
@bug : Sends a bug report to all developers.
@impact : Tips.
@leveling : Tips to where you can train.
@joinevent: If an event is in progress, use this to warp to the event map.
@leaveevent: If an event has ended, use this to warp to your original map.
@whatdropsfrom : Displays a list of drops and chances for a specified monster.
@whodrops : Displays monsters that drop an item given an item name.
@bosshp: Displays the remaining HP of the bosses on your map.
@equiplv: Displays relations of level and experience of every item you have equipped.
@70shop: 70% scroll
@goto fm


Commands -

Remove, @impact @leveling

Added @goto fm

With this npc replacement, CleanUp - Not messy.


VotePoint Rewards npc is not ready but will be out soon or so.


Buff ALL BOSSES/Neff them make it much more Challenging

Zakum - When Dc, and relog - will still return back to Zakum's Altar. (as party)


MOST BOSSES - Respawn time is 45mins.


Mano: 3-Way Road-Split

Stumpy: West Rocky Mountain III

Deo: Hidden Street - Royal Catthus Desert

Rombot: Hidden Street - Hidden Tower

Seruf: Aqua Road - The Seaweed Tower

Spirit of Rock: Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area D

Shade: Kerning City Subway: Line 1

MT-09: Hidden Street: Defeat Monsters

King Clang: Hidden Street - Lorang Lorang Lorang

Faust: Monkey Forest II 

Timer: Ludibrium - Whirlpool of Time

Giant Centipede: Herb Town - 10-Year-Old Herb Garden

Riche: El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees I

Mushmom: Henesys Hunting Ground II 

Dyle: Warning Street - The Swamp of Despair III

Zeno: Hidden Street - Gray's Prairie

Zombie: Mushmom Dungeon - Ant Tunnel III

Security Camera: Hidden Street - Authorized Personnel Only

Tae Roon: Mu Lung: Territory of Wandering Bear

Nine-Tailed Fox: Korean Folk Town: Moon Ridge

King Sage Cat:  Mu Lung: Goblin Forest 2

Manon: Leafre: Manon's Forest

Griffey: Leafre: Griffey Forest

Eliza: Orbis - The Road to Garden of 3 Colors

Snowman: Hidden Street: Valley of Snowman 

Snack Bar: Dungeon: Drake Area

Dunas: Neo City: Bombed City Center Square

Aufheben: Neo City: Ruined City Land Mark

Oberon: Neo City - Dangerous Tower Penthouse

Papulatus Clock:

Pianus: Aqua Road: The Cave of Pianus

Lyka: Temple Of Time - Unknown

Dodo: Temple Of Time - Unknown

Lilynouch: Temple Of Time - Unknown

Thief Crow: Penguin Port in Emergency: Find the Black Crow!

Uncontrollable Maha: Hidden Street: Battle Against Maha

Blue Mushmom:  Zipangu: Hall of Mushroom


Vikings & Giant Vikings now drops,

Ilbi Throwing-Stars

Hwabi Throwing-Stars


Maps Fixed,

Watch Out for Icy Path I

Watch Out for Icy Path II

Korean Folk Town - Fox Ridge


Maps Added,

Neos City - Access from leafre


Azure Ocelot - Scarlet Phoenix - MV - Bigfoot - Big Puff Daddy - Headless Horseman - Geist Balrog Phase

The Boss  - Male Boss - Female Boss - Male Boss - Bodyguard B - Bodyguard A - Black Crow - Freezer

Phoenix - Ergoth - Alishar - Black Witch -Master of Disguise - Shadow Kyrin - Dark Lord's Clone

Athena Pierce's Clone - Grendel the Really Old's Clone - Dances with Balrog's Clone

Leviathan - Pachu - Crimson Balrog

Baby Balrog - Jr. Balrog


Short Video, Intro:

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