Welcome to LittleStory!

A Maplestory Private server which gives you a great experience and challeging gameplay.


  • Progressive EXP rate with 2x Mesos/3x Drop/15x Quest
    Use @rates to see your current rates:
    • Level 1 to 20 -> 10x
    • Level 20 to 40 -> 20x
    • Level 40 to 60 -> 30x
    • Level 60 to 80 -> 40x
    • Level 80 to 100 -> 50x
    • Level 100 to 120 -> 60x
    • Level 120 to 140 -> 70x
    • Level 140 to 160 -> 80x
    • Level 160 to 180 -> 90x
    • Level 180 to 200 -> 95x
    • Level 200 to 255 -> 110x
  • No Cygnus / Arans (Only for Explorers!)
  • Monsters have 2x HP
    • Stronger than ever! join our crazy challenge where monsters are twice stronger than they normally are!
  • All party quests.
  • Custom Npcs
  • @goto command working for players, but keep in mind that it uses up to 1 QuestPoint per warp!
  • Trade button open up a conversation with our custom NPCs.
  • All bosses fights are implemented!
  • Temple of time with Pink Bean fully working!
    • Storyline Requirements of 999 mob kills per stage has been modified and decreased to 99 mobs!
  • Implemented an equipment leveling system
    • Your gear can randomly gain 0-5 stats up to 10 levels! Test your luck and see how strong you can make your equipment!
  • Quest Points System
    • Earn 5 Quest Points by defeating Bosses!
    • Earn 5 Quest Points from Party Quests!
    • Earn 1 Quest Point from every quest you complete!
    • Earn Quest Points from Perfect Pitches!
    • Earn Quest Points from Maple Leafs!
    • Earn Quest Points from Coca Cola Cans!
    • Use your points to earn amazing game rewards! such as cash points, items, gacha, skill books and more!
  • ClawMachine Gacha for 5 tickets per run.
    • This is a new improvement from the regular gacha system where CUSTOM items usually not available are obtainable! The Sword Earring for example gives an additional 1 atk! It's possible for that attack to go up with equipment level up and chaos scroll! Try for these gears now!
  • New Death penalties
    • Don't you dare to die in LittleStory!... otherwise you will lose 2 Quest Points!
  • No HpWashing!
  • No P2W Cash Points.
    • You may only earn cash points by voting or playing the game.
  • Stable gameplay, getting better everyday!
  • Nostalgic feeling of rewarding gameplay!

Drama free & simple server based on the still in development HeavenMS Source,
Please report any bug in our discord channel to help the development keep going as we all have fun!

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