JoblessMS, The Nostalgic v62 Server Only For Odd Jobbers~



JoblessMS has many distinct features which make it the best server to play any kind of beginner or oddjobber in, period.

  • 1x / 1x / 1x (2x Quest Exp) -mostly- vanilla server.
  • No cash clothes, just good old common equipment aesthetic, put your grind work on display.
  • Free hair, eye and skin changes. No hair, face, or clothing gender limitations, just choose Become Gender Neutral when speaking to NIMAKIN etc.
  • No pay-to-win features, no HP washing, no stat resets... Basically, no bullshit!
  • Individual rankings for Campers, Islanders, Beginners and other specific odd builds.
  • Compete in rankings for Mesos, Fame, Vote Points and eventually Quest Points and Minigame wins.
  • Classic v62 islanding experience as it should have been before Nexon fucked it all up.
  • Make all manner of Oddjobs. Str Mages (20 int only), Str Archers (25 dex only), HP Warriors (35 str 4 dex only), Etc. / Str Rogues (25 dex and 4 luk only, no str for bandits), Etc. Pirates, (4 str and 20 dex only, gunslingers can add str), Besinners (Beginners who add luk and equip the magical mitten)
  • Maple Trading System utilized to trade items easily for mesos in Victoria Island!
  • New Hardcore and Iron modes availible for an extra challenge.
  • Nostalgic events with appropriate inclusion.
  • Earn gachapon tickets by killing monsters and voting for the server!
  • Custom gachapon with only common-equipment and relevant scrolls to simulate a more active economy.
  • Arrow drops have been completely removed. Thank god.

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