IntrinsicMS, The Story within [GMS v176] [Low Rate][Quest Oriented]


IntrinsicMS is a server that's highly customized and aims to create a fresh and new experience in the post-bb environment. We guarantee that you will never experience anything like this on any other server.
You will notice several changes from other servers : 
  • Revamped Monster Levels - Monster levels have been redistributed along with boosts to their stats in general. You will find a hp/exp curve that makes a little more sense than vanilla v145. Monster levels and stats will even vary randomly even when they are of the same species.
  • The Warp Data System - There is a system that allows you to warp around the Maple Universe. However you have to earn the privilege of warping to various towns, which leads us to the next point.
  • Larger Focus on Quests - Be it making use of Nexon's existing questlines or making our own custom quests, each area now has it's own questline to unlock features such as new areas, warp data or even hidden features. However, if you do not like questing for long hours, MapleStory is still a grinding game at it's core, we're not going to stop you from grinding in areas which you have already unlocked.
  • Reshuffled World Maps - Remember the days where you first played MapleStory and had the excitement of discovering new places? Towns have been reshuffled and some have been added. Some paths are obvious and some are not, so have fun exploring the new Maple World
  • New Areas - New Areas imported from other/newer versions of MS to spice up your exploration
  • Custom Skill Changes - Skill changes to improve some of the less used jobs and bring some balance to the game. The list can be found on our forums.
  • Minor Features -
           1. Cubing NPC
           2. Post-RED Mastery book System
           3. No Damage Cap
           4. NX from monsters (Based on monster level/hp)
How to Play?
1. Go to our website (Link Above)
2. Go to downloads page and download the setup (COMPULSORY DUE TO WZ EDITS)
3. Extract the downloaded file
3. Download the Client and place it in your IntrinsicMS folder.
4. Open Intrinsic.exe to play
Random Screenshots and Videos
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