HeroMS is a V70 server, with the rates: 5x exp,2x mesos,2x drop and 10x Quest. We made the rates not to high and not to low. So it would be both easy and challenging. Now you may be asking, Whats so special about this server from the other 200 servers? Well apart from just grinding like you always do on other servers, This servers will be all about being together with other maplers. So with otherwords this will be a party server, You will be earning more exp if you are in a party and earn points. Now what can you do with those points? You can ofcourse redeem the points for prices. Such as Chairs,Weapons,Cool NX equips, Hairs,faces,eyes ETC. Already stopped reading at weapons cause you may not get enough points? Dont worry you will be able to sell the points so everyone has a chance of getting all the awsome prices!. Dont enjoy doing party quests? Not to worry, When you are grinding and killing mobs, You might be in a luck and get a coupon. And what does this coupon do? Well it allows you to redeem it for prices ofcourse. So if you need prices and dont have a party, Why not just kill some mobs and the awsome prices!?. Hopefully we caught your interest and hope you will stay with us at HeroMS. Enjoy

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