Avalon v62 [-SERVER RELEASED-]



Avalon v62
Avalon has now officially released!

[v62] [4x/3x/2x rates] [Rebalanced Skills] [250 Level Cap] [Working Boss Expeditions] [Reworked Boss Drops] [KPQ, CarnivalPQ, LPQ, Reworked LMPQ, PPQ] [Reworked PQ rewards] [Ulu City/Malaysia/Lion Kings Castle] [Auto JQ] [INT no longer required to HP wash] Join our discord now! [-Hiring Developers-]

Server Rates:

EXP: 4x | DROP: 3x | MESO: 2x

Live Restarts:

Our server has accomplished continuous uptime during updates thanks to our custom "Live Restarts". This allows us to restart and update the server without affecting your gameplay!

Complete Drop Overhaul:

Drops here at Avalon have had an entire rework. Scroll drop rates in general have received a buff and ALL scrolls will drop from mobs. Area bosses have been changed to have a larger impact on the game by having an increased scroll drop rate and dropping basic rings. Major bosses have also felt this overhaul, Zakum drops 1 Zakum Hat per boss that is level 100 and tradable while also dropping brand new Zakum's Poisonic Weapons and Krexel has a chance to drop Almighty ring, a tradable level 105 ring with 5 all stats.

No "gacha2win":

Many pre big bang servers center their end game gear around Gachapon and, basically, RNG. We have removed the element of RNG as much as possible by adding countless new items to replace the old "godly items" and by also adding new methods of obtaining these "godly items" that isn't a lottery. Gachapon will still be available but its impact on the game is greatly nullified to reward hard work & dedication rather than luck.

Rebalanced skill table:

We are fully aware of the imbalance that v62 holds when it comes to different classes and their skills. As a result, we have performed a complete skill rework that should make the game feel more fresh and fair for all classes. To see the full list of changes made, check out #features on our discord channel!

Increased Level Cap:

Here at Avalon, we fully acknowledge the fact that v62 GMS seriously lacks any form of end-game content. We have decided and are fully prepared to change that by adding a plethora of new Zones, Quests, Party Quests and Bosses. To compliment this, we have increased the level cap from level 200 to level 250. As of right now we have added Temple of Time, Ulu City and Lion King's Castle however we have plans to add Ninja Castle and many other zones from newer MapleStory - including the major bosses that come with them!

HP Washing:

Permanent HP and MP potions have been added to our cash shop for the price of 3100 cash! Use these instead to gain additional Permanent HP or MP instead of raising int and using the original HP washing method.

Working Party Quests:

KerningPQ, Monster Carnival, LudibriumPQ, LudiMazePQ, PiratePQ are all of our working PQs thus far. Many of which have received custom reward reworks to ensure that players always feel rewarded with items that have value. As an addition, every PQ no longer has an upper level cap; meaning you are able to PQ even up to level 250!

Working Bosses:

Our current list of working major bosses include; Zakum, Horntail and Krexel, each with a 2 per day entry limit. The drops from each boss have been tweaked to give the items more value in the market.

We have implemented Boss Quests (BQs) for Pianus, Papulatus and Capt. Latanica, all 3 of which have a 3 per day entry limit. The drops from each of the bosses have been customized to make them very important mid-game bosses!

New and Imported items:

Avalon contains various new and imported items available from versions such as v191. This includes the variants of the "Stonetooth Sword" for 2h axe, 2h bw, spear and crossbow!

The Donor cash shop rewards are vast and include an enormous variety of cool and unique items that have been imported from all kinds of versions and regions of MapleStory.

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